News Flash: Today on the 15th June the Men's Singles round of 16 took place at the 2013 China Open ITTF World Tour. The reigning Olympic and World Champion Zhang Jike is out due to a shoulder injury during his last 32 match against Fan Zhendong.


Zhang Jike - Photo by: ITTF Facebook Page

Zhang Jike stormed passed Fan Zhendong at the recent world championships, however today at the China Open Zhang Jike appeared to be struggling. Zhang Jike leveled to the match against his compatriot and was forced to withdraw due to a shoulder injury.

Round of 16 Results

Xu Xin vs Patrick Franziska 4-0 (Patrick Franziska - Injured)
Alexey Smirnov vs Gao Ning 4-0
Timo Boll vs Andrej Gacina 4-2
Wang Hao vs Grigory Vlasov 4-3
Zhang Jike vs Fan zhendong 2-4 (Zhang Jike - Injured)
Yang Zi vs Yan An 0-4
Dimitrij Ovtcharov vs Tan Ruiwu 4-2
Ma Long vs Alexey Liventsov 4-2

Quarter Finals of the Men's Singles Schedule - Time in GMT

The first Men's Singles match of Xu Xin vs Alexey Smirnov proceeds at 11.30am GMT. Watch the matches live on TableTennisDaily in the ITTF Live Streaming which has integrated chat.

Who do you think will progress to the semi finals?

Xu Xin vs Alexey Smirnov
Timo Boll vs Wang Hao
Fan Zhendong vs Yan An
Ma Long vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov

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Source: ITTF