Zhang Jike

5 out of 5 rating for Zhang Jike

1. Speed.
Is fast, but not ridiculously fast.
Has good range of gear for both short play and powerful topspins.

2. Control.
Large sweetspot, much more forgiveness than most blades I've tried to play with.

3. Hardness.
In my opinion, is not very hard, and not very stiff.
Provides very good feeling, and very good for blocking. After changing from previous blade, had a feeling that you just need to put a blade in a way of ball, and blade will do the rest :)
For topspins, dwell time is enough for making spinny shots with enough power.

In my opinion, it is best of blades I've played with, and probably best for it's price.
I cannot really feel a difference with super-costly super-zlc blades, but difference from cheaper blades is obvious - blade is very good!
4 out of 5 rating for Zhang Jike

I have 2 years using this wood really is a very good wood, is very flexible allowing give much effect on topspin ball and loops, its flexibility combined with Arylate really giving you great control, very good to block and counter attack close to the table and half away, sometimes beyond the average distance lacks a bit of speed but that is arranged with fast rubbers. Currently the use with Tenergy 64 by Forehand and Tenergy 05 on the backhand. I have no problems with reception, do flicks, blocked, attacked,counter attacked really I recommend it very versatile for players seeking an excellent varied game in every sense, a bit expensive but worth every penny. The wood looks great time despite using it.
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5 out of 5 rating for Zhang Jike

The ZJK blade is a nice carbon blade. Compared to the Timo Boll ALC, it is somewhat softer and slower. It has a low arc and a straight trajectory. Very well balanced from handle to head. The sweet spot is quite close to the handle, which might take some time to get used to. The dwell time is there for those spinny shots.
says I am Newbie in this forum...please take care of me...tq
says I am Newbie in this forum...please take care of me...tq
Mar 2012
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5 out of 5 rating for Zhang Jike

i bought Secondhand Zhang like blade from Malaysia pp4m Facebook group.
i really like ALC carbon blade type, it has very good dwell spot and easy to control.
this blade is not too stiff. I used tenergy 05 (FH) and Donic Bluefire M2 (BH) and i used to play close to table.
Previously, i had butterfly Micheal Maze ALC blade and Kong Linghui ALC blade, but i really attached to this blade.