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  1. presents Liam Pitchford on defeating Ma Long | TableTennisDaily Podcast #1

    Heyyyy Everyone!!

    The TableTennisDaily Podcast is back and this time it's in a video format with TableTennisDaily's Dan and Paralympic Champion Will Bayley! This week on the podcast features special guest Liam Pitchford who talks about his win against Ma Long and his preparations for the upcoming World Championships.

    In the podcast Dan and Will discuss the latest hot topics in the world of table tennis!

    Which guest would you like us to have on the podcast next?

    Let us know what you thought of our new video podcast and what stars you would like to see on our future episodes!
    Out Now: 2.0

  2. I've missed the podcasts! This is great Liam is my favorite player, so confident. Get Waldner on again !

  3. Great to see it back. Table tennis is missing a regular interview based podcast. There isn't another one out there that talks to top pros regularly. I would say consider getting good coaches on as well they are equally interesting.

  4. This is very interesting and informative.

  5. Haha will put his mortgage on it, 2021 now harimoto improving all the time, olympic delay gone in his favour?

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