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Stiga Cybershape CC Carbon
  • It is rocket fast
  • Controllable to an extent
  • Head heavy (relative)
  • Blocking game is perfect
  • Awesome sweetspot for smashing
  • Not too great for looping
  • Low dwell time
Stiga Cybershape CC Carbon
I am actually someone who is accustomed to ALC composite structure, so not really a fan of a stiff carbon blade. Although I have used a few stiff carbon blades like Donic OCS and Schlager Carbon, nothing feels like this cybershape one.
Im aware that the previous blades i used were 5 layers and hinoki outer, which made them very direct and stiff yet fast - this blade is no exception. For a pure carbon composite blade, this blade is more than decent for looping. But that is not the greatest aspect of this blade. This blade is especially manufactured for those who play counter attack and smashes from mid distance. Do not expect a woody feel like other inner composite blades - this blade feels more direct and bouncy than of those.
So if you are looking for a true carbon blade that can give you an exceptional blocking skill - yet still gives you room to play spinny loops, then this will do.
But then if you are a beginner or an intermediate level player who still need to improve on your technique and feel, then this is not for you.
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