Reviews by SamTheMan

  • Counterattacks
  • Spinny
  • Aggressive play
  • Blocking
  • Passive play
A short review of my first impressions of this rubber where I will compare it with T05.

A tacky topsheet which is a bit oily/shiny. It can hold/lift the boll for about half a second. Bouncing the boll on the rubber, it feels like a Chinese rubber. Just a few bounces, then the ball dies and stays flat on the rubber.

Loops – Feels similar to T05. No need to adjust blade angle. Arc and trajectory is similar. Spin is hard to tell. My usual partner told me it was spinnier. However, he landed more blocks then usual. He did say that he adjusted his block more then usual though. The other players I played had problems put the blocks on the table, but I haven´t played them in a long time. So, I don´t really have anything to compare to. I would say similar spin or perhaps a bit more.
Drives – Feeling good. Similar to T05 or any jap/euro rubber and not like the typical tacky rubber.
Counterattacks – This is where this rubber excels! No need to adjust for your opponents spin. Just swing hard with your own pace and spin and it will land on the table. Attacks that I usually block, I now tend to counterattack instead.
Attacking long and half long serves – Easier. For same reasons as above.
Loops against backspin – The tacky rubber grips the ball better. So, it´s easier to loop against backspin. I get more balls on the table compared to T05.
Pushes – Felt easier with my forehand push. Trying it on the backhand however it was more difficult. I could get more spin, but they often went over the table or in the net.
Serves – This hard and tacky rubber makes serves lower, shorter and a bit spinnier.
Serve receive and short game – Attacking receives are easier and keeping the ball short is easier.
Blocking – Blocking is the main downside with this rubber compared to T05. I feel much safer blocking with T05.

I´ve heard that T05 awards active play and is not for passive play. But compared to D09C I feel T05 works better for passive play and D09C is even better for active play. Attacking half long serves, looping against backspin and counterattacks all works better because this rubber is less sensitive to incoming spin when you hit the ball with your own pace and spin.
Then you have the expected changes, pros and cons changing from a bouncier rubber like t05 to a harder, less bouncy d09c. Like not the same pace on wrist and smaller swings and that you must be more precise in timing and swing strokes.
Overall, I`m very pleased with this rubber. It makes me play more aggressive and with more confidence. I will keep this as my forehand rubber.

Being better than T05 for my forehand, I have to rate it 5 stars.