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Do-it-all 5-ply allwood blade
  • Adequate Speed
  • Excellent Control
  • Unique Shape - Hard to switch rubbers between different blades
I bought this blade when it was initially re-introduced by Donic few years ago. I remember that I used it for 1 session only (just to check the characteristics of this blade)) and then stored it in my drawer. It has the same construction with my Donic Dicon, Avalox BT555, OC, Infinity vps, etc. Basically it is a classic limba - spruce - ayous - spruce - limba blade.

Lately, I have been re-testing all my 5-ply allwood blades: BTY Korbel, Samsonov Alpha, Donic Dicon, etc. but I did not test this blade as the head shape is unique, so it is hard to transfer rubbers from other blades to this blade.

But last week, I transferred rubbers from my Korbel (158 x 152 mm) to this blade, and they do not fit perfectly, but still OK.

To my delight, this is actually the better blades compared to other allwood blades that I re-tested recently. The head shape is unique but I did not find it affect my play at all. In fact, I did not feel that the head shape is different during play. I can use it instantly without any adjustments. The positive aspect is the straight handle which fits perfectly in my hand. It is a bit longer and what I like the most is the wings are very nice. I can grip the blade better, without any obstructions.

Speed is in the Off- range, which is perfect for me. Control is excellent. I usually find that 5-ply allwood blade is good for looping but not that excellent for blocking (compared to my 7-ply allwood blades) but Waldner Offensive 2016 is quite good for blocking. But for flat hit / smashing, there are better blades. It shines in serving, serve receive, short game, and especially looping. As I have stated above, the control is excellent.

I am thinking of using this blade as my main blade now and therefore I will test this blade further / longer before deciding to do so.

Oh, my copy is 80.4 grams only, but I bought another one last year, and it was 90 grams. I think it is the exception, as I remember people reported only 78 - 82 grams in various forums.

In conclusion, this is an excellent blade, which is still relevant in the 40+ plastic ball era, especially for intermediate players. Pros will find this blade not fast enough.