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I have tried a lot of blades in the last 6 months, including a few very decent 5 ply - these include;Primorac / Stiga all-round wood / Nittaku Acoustic / Nittaku ViolinWhilst I very much liked the Acoustic and Violin, the OSP is just a cut above in terms of build quality and feel. It is a little slower than the Acoustic and maybe pretty similar to the Violin but the handle is certainly for superior to both the large handle and std handled Nittaku blades.I have come to this blade after using both an HL5X and Viscaria, having realised that I play better and more consistently with an all wood blade. I can use rubbers that would render the Viscaria or HL5 very difficult for me to control and the slower blade with higher dwell just gives me back some of that control and time - hence better quality and skinnier shots with more control.So far this is the best blade I have used (Currently with D09c on FH and Rasanter C48 on BH)