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Have been playing with this blade for 3 weeks now. Tested with brand new BlueFires M2 both side, a rubber I know very well. Glued with Revolution n?3.

First, I must admit when I recieved the my order, I coudn't believe how much the blade was beautifull, was thinking that it won't be that magnificent dark brown from commercial pictures.......but it is, it's even more beautifull in real :D
For a very fair price (bought mine new for around ?47), you get a REAL premium blade, you wonder why this blade is not in the ?100-150 range. The blade is factory lacquered.

Some Pictures of my setup :




Blade alone was 86-87gr, the setup is well balanced.

The touch is very good, I was able to generated good backspin while keeping the ball short and low, I'm not able to do that with all blades.
The blade has a direct touch, hard one, has some flex but not much, dwell is good.
You will love this blade for power loops, any distance from the table. The throw with bluefires M2 is medium-high, it's rather easy to loop backspin balls also.
I was able to keep the ball low and short in the touch game, returning serves with ease, awesome flicks, very powerfull, the speed of the blade is rather accessible.

I had some difficulties in blocks, felt like I had very little margin of error, but I had the same problem with Bluefire M2 on various blades, I guess the rubber just doesn't suit me for blocks.

The blades speed is Off+, sweet spot is very good, just like you will have one on a Butterfly ALC blade.

I give 5 stars to this blade, it's a true priemum carbon blade with noble wood outer, factory lacquered and awesome finish for a very very fair price.
Feel free to ask me any question, if you want to compare it to a specific BTY composite blade for example (I own or have owned a lot of them).
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Innerforce ALC is an amazing off- to off blade.
Limba outer ply with arylate composite are making this blade one of the spinniest I ever tried.
I've tested this blade with various rubbers, and it only works well with spingy rubbers like Calibra's, if you want to use a Tenergy on this blade, you should tune it, else it will be deadly slow and inert.

The blade have very good balance and his very confortable in ST handle, the weight is also controlled, usually between 80 and 85 gramms.
One of the "easiest" offensive blade on the market, and will suit most players far better than the usual ALC blades like viscaria or Timo Boll Spirit/ALC :
Easy topspins (off- with high throw angle), easy blocks (Arylate absorbing power of incomming shots in passive play), easy short game (very good feeling and feedback)......this balde makes everything easier.

If you are looking for a light and balanced offensive blade which tends to forgive your technical errors, go for it if you can afford this premium blade.

Feel free to ask specific questions
  • Active play
  • Top vs backspin
  • Speed & Spin
  • Need good tech
  • Really heavy
  • Passive play
My first review :D

Its the second set of MX-P I bought. Like many people I'm used to play with Tenergy both side, and boosted Tenergies are for me the "benchmarks" of today's rubbers.

Opening :
Nothing special about the packaging, packed like most of todays rubbers (Tenergy, Calibras...), no additional protective sheet is provided by Tibhar like it is with the Nimbus rubbers for example.
The Sponge is red/Orange, with very big bubbles (like bluefire M1 turbo sponge).
The topsheets are glossy. The rubbers are heavy (73gr uncut, 50gr cut to usual butterfly shape).
Topsheet and sponge are very flexible and elastics, no tack. The overall combination looks medium/hard, a touch harder than T05.

The rubbers were mainly tested on my Butterfly Kong Linghui Special blade (special made blade), pictures here :

Rubbers have been tested also on all the blades you see below, feel free to ask anything about the potential combination you consider :

No booster or any kind of tunning was used

Warm Up :

You will immediately feel a huge catapult effect with the mx-p, the rubber feels very linear, the innerpower of the rubber feels rather accessible.
Very good feeling, solid feel, not as hard as you would expect i think, meaning that the dwell time is particulary good with mx-p.

Forehand topspin :
It is my best stroke, my principal source of points during competitive matches.
You will immediately notice the very high throw angle of the rubber and that the catapult on topspins is huge. Rubber is linear and predictable despite huge catapult effect.
Good touch provided by the racket permit to easy adjust your stroke.
The spin and speed are generated quite easy. The rubber can be used close to table as well as mid-distance.
Close your racket for countertopsins, nearly "as much as you can".
MX-P really shines against backspin balls, making a strong a fast topspin agaisnt backspin balls is realy easy, just as easy as making a classic openning loop with lot of spin but slow.
Just go for the power topspin on backspin balls.

Backand topspins :
Backhand topspin is not my best stroke.
With MX-P I was able to make strong and fast topspins against backspin balls. It is one of the very few rubber permitting me to do this.
Most of my errors were because I didn't close enough my racket, the result is that the MX-P is realy good for topsins over the table, even on backspin balls.
The rubber won't make you the new FZD or ZJK with awesome backhand topsin over the table, but it will make you better on that very popular stroke.

Blocks :
Once you get adjusted to the high throw, you will love the MX-P for any kind of blocks.
The rubber doesn't forgive technical errors like other rubbers can (lets say for example ; T80 and Calibra Tour M, those rubbers are less sensitive to incomming spin than MX-P).

Serves :
So far, one of the best rubber I ever used for serves. The hard topsheet has awesome grip. You will love the rubber when it come to serves.

Serves returns :
Just like with blocks, the rubber doesn't forgive technical errors as much as other rubbers can.
The rubber is sensitive to incomming spin, you will "break" the incomming spin easy if the serve is long, with a FH or BH strong topspin, or even with a BH over the table topspin.
But you will need strong technic to keep your returns low and short or to realize regular flicks.
The rubber will remind you T05, requires a good technic and anticipation on passive serves returns.

Other things and some comments :

I didn't tried the rubber on a all wood blade, but the rubber felt amazing on IF AL which is not far from a 5 ply all wood blade, with limba outer and very good flex (picture here ).
Tenergies felt, to me, really akward and inert on IF AL, like losing their "spring sponge" on flexible blades, it is not the case with MX-P and the rubber remains fast and "springy" even on flexible blades.
The rubbers are really heavy, you might really dislike it even if you enjoy the rubber.
This is my second pair of MX-P's. Durability is top end. Since I can't stand playing with an "almost not new" rubber, MX-P can last me 6 weeks (to compare, a T80 last me about 3-4 weeks). The lose of speed and spin is very linear and pretty slow, you will enjoy the durability of MX-P.

I hope you enjoyed this review, I'll try to answer your questions if you have any.