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  • Block
  • Counterloop
  • Short game
  • Heavy
  • Hard to get spin
  • Durability

This rubber is supposed to play like a boosted Hurricane/Skyline rubber. From my experience, its sponge is softer and more elastic than of a commercial Hurricane 3, but still harder than of a heavily boosted one. It is very difficult to create topspin with this rubber: you have to literally squeeze it out of the hard sponge. To loop a mere flat ball off the block with decent speed and spin you need to have a nearly horizontal swing over the top of the ball with a plenty of racket speed. To powerloop, you need to close the bat even more and swing with all your body, including wrist. However, if you do things right, the result will exceed all expectations. The rubber is impossible to bottom out, the harder you swing, the faster and spinnier the ball goes out. Counterlooping is "easy", almost like looping a flat ball. Looping backspin hard is delightful if you can create enough racket speed.


Tackiness slows down the incoming ball considerably, so the rubber gives you great control in this aspect.


From my experience, durability of this rubber is quite bad. I have used 4 sheets, 2 black and 2 red ones within 8 months, and I have to say that after 1-1.5 months the rubber becomes unplayable. The topsheet becomes slippery at some spots, as the result, the ball drops from the racket unexpectedly. After two months tackiness wears off and the rubber becomes faster. Depending on the season, I play 10-16 hours per week, sometimes I do multiball and play with robot. You may think that it is OK for a rubber last that short under such playing schedule, but Vega Europe that I used before on my BH was literally immortal. So I'm migrating from Vega China to something more practical...


The rubber is heavy and heavier that its "true" Chinese counterparts.


If you like to swing hard on your forehand to end the point as soon as possible with a lightning fast powerloop -- this rubber is pretty good. Otherwise, you probably need something softer.