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This is my first post on this forum. Hope you like it and useful to you.

Airoc Astro S red max 2.1 on Intensity NCT and the other side is Evolution El-p.
This combination doesn't feel head heavy and it is well balance even the blade is about 87g.
This is my second stiga rubber in 20 years after Almana sound! which it doesn't let me down at all.
The first look of AAS has caught my eye as the rubber seems to have some glitter in it. The sponge is blue color and it's not with many big pores like other makers are trying to copy spring sponge from TG05 or whatever.

Here comes to the points which I will compare directly with Rakza 7 soft and Evolution El-p which I used it on Intensity Carbon.

Spin: about 30% better than R7S but a bitless than El-p.
Speed :about 20-30% faster than both R7S and El-p
Control and block : about 20% better than R7S and 30% better than El-p.

When I play R7S I use it on forehand as I don't like the mushy feel of soft spong on back hand side. But in case of AASis different, I can use both backhand and forehand and don't have that mushy feel. The feeling is greater than both R7S and El-p.
The placement of the ball is also great and more powerful than R7S.
The AAS is very forgiving rubber with easy to use and not that sensitive to incoming spin.
If you want any question, and if I can answer, I will respond.