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Firstly, I purchased this blade for £20 so I wasn't expecting big things but it has changed my entire game. I was playing with much faster blades and didn't even realise how inconsistant my short game and control was until i picked up the sweden extra. It does everything very well. I play a mostly offensive game, quite close to the table with fast rubbers - Gold Arc 8 and Rasanter R47. The control is fantastic and allows me to keep pushes short with lots of spin while still being able to produce enough power to finish a point. My ability to counter topspin has improved a lot and blocking is also great. I have yet to find any downsides to this blade and it has me looking at all of the other blades in a similar price range in a new light - considering I could buy 4/5 (probably more!) of these for the price of one fast Butterfly blade!

I believe this blade would probably suit most players looking for an allround - offensive game. With slower rubbers it would be great for beginners and then all you need to do is upgrade the rubbers as you improve. Unless you're playing at a very high level it really will do everything.