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  • good feeling
  • balance
  • powerful
Sadly I only owned one carbon blade before (TB spirit) which broke about 8 years ago so I can't really compare it to those.

The handle is relatively round which makes it a bit thicker but not uncomfortable to hold even though I don't have the biggest hands. In fact I think it makes it easier to switch between forehand and backhand grip which is very good for my play (I can see why Dima helped designing it).

The blade is quite hard but I am still able to make controllable blocks and slow topspins. I have never been so good at flipping with my BH and never felt such power in my shots. I also got better at the short - short game since it takes less effort than on my previous setup.

It is very well made and has a little Dima picture on the lower back side of the handle.

The first time I had it in my hand I bounced the ball a bit on it and was actually worried about the high tone compared to all wood and a little artificial feeling but most of it fades away while playing (I guess carbon blades always have a little bit different feeling than all wood ones).

Right now I am using Tibhar MX-P on FH and Donic Bluefire JP 02 on backhand.

I bought this blade because of very positive reviews and because of my backhand oriented play like Dimitrij and so far my friends at the club failed to serve spinny enough on my backhand that I couldn't flip. I don't think you can do anything wrong by going for this blade.

All in all, I have never been so confident in my equipment choice before. The true carbon is a rocket, a very controllable rocket.

Note: Was only played using celluloid balls.