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Composition: koto-->pine tree-->kiri<--pine tree<--koto

This is the fastest and stiffest all-wood blade that I have ever used. Andro uses a high-temperature heating process to artificially harden and de-moisturise the wood, resulting in stiff and light plies. In conjunction with the hard koto wood on the outer plies, this almost creates a feeling of using a carbon blade rather than an all-wood blade. I have tested a friend's Butterfly Primorac Carbon and I think that the stiffness is in the same ballpark. Vibrations and feeling are much reduced compared to, say, the all-wood Stiga Allround Classic. The blade is very responsive and the ball shoots off the bat quickly with little effort which some say would result in lower control.

Looping with this blade is good, however, some people might be tempted to slap the ball rather than loop due to the stiffness and speed and go for outright winners that way. Playing loop drive kills is extremely satisfying as the blade makes a loud clicking noise and produces a very fast shot. Blocking is very fast and quick if you time your shot correctly. Punch shots with the backhand are very fast and effortless. Looping with the backhand is a bit more difficult due to the speed and you really need to brush the ball correctly to generate enough spin. I find producing spin with this blade a little more difficult compared to other softer blades such as the DHS 301 or the DHS Power G7.

Unfortunately, I don't really like the handle. Either the handle is too short, or perhaps too thick (making me think it is shorter). My hands are probably slightly smaller than average. After using other blades for a little while, and then going back to the Temper Tech OFF, I always feel like the blade is going to slip out of my hand (until I get used to it again). If the handle was slightly thinner (or perhaps slightly longer), I would say this was the perfect blade for me. Also, I've gone through about 2 or 3 of these blades as unfortunately the plies started coming apart after banging the blade on the table playing chop blocks.

I've been using the blade for almost the entire time I've been playing table tennis (around 4 years) and it is my no. 1 blade. I use Rasanster R47 on both sides and play an offensive style at around a 1300 level (on Ratings Central) and my forehand loop is my strongest shot. Perhaps I would have benefited from using a slower blade during my formative table tennis years as I think that my technique is a little too compact due to pulling back due to the speed of this blade. Due to the blade being discontinued, I've been searching for a few months for a worthy replacement and have so far found it a bit difficult as I didn't realise just how stiff the Temper Tech OFF was and how much that played into how the blade played.

Overall, I really like this blade and it's my favourite so far.

Blades I have used:
- Stiga Allround Classic
- DHS Hurricane 301
- Butterfly Primorac Carbon
- DHS Power G7
- Yinhe V-14 Pro