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General: I am using this rubber in 2.0mm red on my backhand. Prior to this I was using the EL-S in max. This rubber has a soft topsheet on a medium-soft sponge, lightweight (44g?). Very soft spongy feel.The Acuda Blue series has been described as “feel good“ rubbers. That's very true. Trajectory is fairly low. The Acuda Blue P2 however is not made for the dangerous, modern offensive player. It is amazing for “returning the ball“. I really have a love-hate relationship with this one.

1. This rubber was and still is grossly overrated on spin on tabletennisdb. It is a spinny rubber compared toa large portion of rubbers that is out there, but the topsheet is not superbly grippy. Hence this is NOT a rubber for brush loops – the ball will simply slip and fall down. You need to engage the sponge to generate decent spin. It is very challenging to banana flip on the table and lifting moderate to heavy backspin even off the table is very straining. You really have to rip through with your whole arm – while then you have to make sure the ball doesn't fly off the end of the table. The medium throw (definitely not above 4.5 intabletennisdb terms) does its part in that equation. In comparison it feels like the EL-S can lift backspin just by flicking the wrist. If I do the same strokes with my Hurricane 3 NEO, the ball just shoots off vertically into the roof. This rubber has crippled my game in the sense of opening backspin and my opponents frequently lock me down in my backhand because my forehand is very strong and aggressive in comparison.

2. This rubber lacks power when away from the table. Catapult on lower side, base speed ok. Base speed is comparable to EL-S, but catapult feels less. This is interesting, because it's also not good for “making things happen“ close to the table either.

3. It's simply quite harmless. Not a killer.

1. This rubber has outstanding, fantastic, amazing control. It's difficult to stress enough the feeling of safety this rubber grants you. Due to the topsheet being far from being on par with MX-S EL-S T05 and the likes, it is also fairly unreceptive to incoming spin. The medium (maybe even medium tolow) throw angle just brings the ball back onto the other side of thetable with ease.

1a. Blocking: Passive blocking is great – even against heavy rotation topspins that come in crushing onyour side of the table, you just have to close the bat angle a little bit and this rubber provides very flat and annoying blocks. Active blocking is equally great. Not a rubber for spinblocking though because of aforementioned characteristics.

1b. Driving/Smashing: Extremely reliable, feels very linear. Nothing funny ever happens. Just hold the bat at the right angle and swing away. Of course it lacks speed, but you know, you can always just swing a little harder. When drive-looping you also develop some decent spin, because you're engaging the sponge more.

2. The catapult is not strong, but it is easy to active even with your backhand. Due to the softness of the composition of the P2, you don't have to hit hard to get some potential out of this rubber. In comparison the EL-S feels very dead close up but easily overshoots due to sudden activation of the catapult effect. This one is very controllable.

3. Quite light in weight. If you're looking to save a few grams on your setup, this is great.

Dont know:
Chopping, lobbing, serving – I don't do those (with backhand).