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My friend bought the tenergy 05 hard and brand it into training the other day so I got to try it. My review is not completely valid yet until I try the rubber a bit more. I have used Tenergy 05 many times and this being the harder version is noticeable. It is different to Tenergy 05 in that the feel is more flat yet with a lot of spin.

It felt good with my forehand on playing hard shots. The backhand I thought it was to hard for my topspin on the backhand. This rubber strangely does require a lot of effort even though its fast. I think with Tenergy 05 it felt easier to produce fast, spin shots. It reminds me of the way you have to use more effort with Hurricane, this is how it felt when playing with the hard.

Anyways, I have only used it once, I will edit this review after using it a few more times.
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I have used this rubber on my forehand for a while.. Very fast and i can get a lot of spin. I like how Paul Drinkhall uses this rubber which made me decide to buy it in the end. The only thing is its not as fresh a few weeeks later, but lasts a good amount of time. THis rubber is definately not one to boost puhahahaa
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