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  • Feeling
  • Lightweight
  • Control
  • smallish handle
  • fragile
Hi, I had the occasion to play with this blade for a while now. I am approximately 2200 USATT. This blade is overall very appreciable and I will show you why.

The Donic Ochvtarov feat is a lightweight and controllable table tennis blade.

Mine came at 77g. Because of its weight, one can easily change from bachand to forehand and the transition is easier to make. The blade itself has a lot of feeling. When it comes to slow loops or to impart spin, one can produce enourmous amount of rotation. It is very easy to catch low balls and to generate spin.

For the speed, I would rank it at off-. It has sufficient speed combined with powerful rubbers ( I am using el-p on the forehand side and rasanter r42 in the backand side ).

The little minus is that it has a small handle, it you have big hands it wont feat ;) you in the hand . Another little con is that because of its weight it is fragile. In fact, I used it for 6 months now ( with 6 hours of training a week ) and it is already in bad shape.

Overall, it is a controllable offensive blade with sufficient speed and ease of imparting spin.