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Good rubber but not for everyone.
  • Spin
  • Control
  • Price
  • Too hard for my backhand
Controlled compared to some hybrid bouncy balls, which are only slowed down to a certain extent by their sticky topsheet but not (too) slow.

It is definitely a rubber that rewards good shot execution. With a good position and good stroke execution there is enough speed even on the backhand further away from the table to end a rally. On the FH - coming from H3 - with longer strokes this is not a problem but on the backhand it can be due to the sponge hardness. Somewhat similar to a harder H3 (>=39°) on the BH. A softer 38° or 40° (Bty) version of the G09C would be nice.

FH: Lots of spin, good feedback especially when opening up with a spinny loop, precise/controlled, fast enough, quite high throw angle but not too high for me. Definitely recommended.
BH: Just like with FH but with the restriction that you have to be really in a good position and properly execute your strokes to be able to put your opponents under pressure if you are further away from the table. Keeping the ball in play is of course possible but that's not enough for me on the BH/too much for me in real matches.