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  • Good speed
  • Good control
Revoldia is something completely different ... Good speed ... But not in abuse ... Good control ... You need to adjust the technique a little because your spin bow is a little different, low trajectory... Good rigidity ... Um a little more vibration ... In general equipped with 09c and Dignics 80 it is cool ... Very comfortable to play ... I felt confident and liked it a lot ... I recommend ... It is a great blade
  • Short game
  • Counter attack
  • Weight
Dignics 09c is an excellent rubber .. In general, it combines better with stiffer woods .. I tried it on 3 different woods and responds differently in each one .. Positives is the effect, short game, service and counter-attack explosion ... Negative points just her weight really ..

On one of the woods i compared it to Tenergy 05.Tenergy 05 is one of the best rubbers ever made, but the 09c is the innovation for new plastic balls ... It seems. me that the transition went well because the 09c is a rubber that can be used by professionals or amateurs ... the problem i find with 05 is you need good technique and control so only for good players. 09C can be used by anyone as it's slower.