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  • Fast enough
  • Good shortplay
  • Very spinny
  • Weak in itself
I would agree with most of the reviews here. But i needed to add something:Yeah this rubber needs technique and is slow in itself. This is something many of you should already know about a comparable rubber, like the Hurricane 3. So what are we doing with the Hurricane 3 to compensate for the "flaws" it has in itself? - Excactly we boost it!So i went for the typical chinese backhand way - and bought the Hurricane 8 in 2.15 thickness and 37° hardness. Then i boosted it: One layer of DHS No. 15 glue.One big layer of Falco Tempo Long Booster.(usually this is supposed to be enough already, but i went a little overboard it here and wasnt patient enough)Another small layer of Falco Tempo Long Booster. Some days later i had to glue, though it was still a bit domed. Either way i succeded and it sticked to the blade. But holy moly this thing was fast all of a sudden. The famous clicking sound already cracked through the air by merely touching the ball through a backhand drive. Besides this strong change in speed it still had his advantages in the shortplay. Comparison:Equally fast, maybe slightly faster than the Xiom Vega Pro, but more controllable, even with 2 layers. Faster and even more spinnier than the Yasaka Rakza 7. On top more controllable and with the Rakza it happened way too often that the ball didnt sink into the rubber deep enough, so the ball went way too short and fell off onto my side of the table. Never happened with the Hurricane 8. Faster than the Hurricane 3 37° hardness boosted, but equally controll and feeling. Conclusion:For those who play an aggressive looping style and have no problem of boosting their rubbers, i would totally recommend this rubber. If you dont want to boost, and have a more controlled playstyle, this rubber would fit quite well too.