1. Hitler Reacts to ITTF's Game-Changing Announcement EC meeting, 20170923 EC meeting, 20171214
  2. ITTF/Sportsmaster Announcement 2nd July 2018

    2 July For the past two weeks leading up to this day there have been a few posts on social media from ITTF and T2 declaring a groundbreaking announcement which would "Shape the future of Table Tennis." An agreement between the ITTF and Sportsmaster (a new company founded by Frank Ji, CEO of...
  3. New announcement from T2 to "change the game" T2 posted on FB today that T2 APAC "Huge announcement coming soon! This will change the shape of table tennis! Stay tuned!" Now, we already know about the deal with ITTF, so...
  4. massive announcement in 2 days? Any idea what this could be? If it's a new rubber designed for the plastic ball, hopefully Butterfly don't charge outrageous prices again. I speculate that this will be the new Bryce Highspeed rubber, but we'll wait and see. Thoughts?