1. der-materialspezialist E.S.P. Effective Spin Processor - Anti-Top Unboxing and actual testing

    Hello everyone, I'm QuanQuan. Today, we're unboxing a new anti-rubber again. This time it's the new product from der-materialspezialist, the ESP. We can see that the cover looks a lot like a slot machine. The Effective Spin Processor = E.S.P. is a new ANTI TOP rubber, which combines the...
  2. Anti players from Taiwan

    Hello everyone, I'm QuanQuan, an amateur table tennis player from Taiwan. I have a YouTube channel dedicated to discussing anti-rubber. I'll be sharing information about anti-rubber competitions, unboxing reviews, and more. If you're interested in anti-rubber, feel free to join the discussion. I...
  3. Suggetion / experience about Anti

    Currently, I'm using Grass Dtecs on a Sanwei Defense blade, but I'm considering testing the Gorilla from Dr. Neubauer. Has anyone had experience with this? Can you provide a comparison in terms of reversal, ball speed, and control? I like Dr Neubauer super block and Pro Ideal Magician II.
  4. Frictionless Antispin vs Dr. Neubauer Super Block OX

    Does anyone know which one of the two would have more spin reversal ? Dr Neubauer super block OX or modern frictionless anti like ABS Pro, Storkraft, Super Glanti Black 0.7mm?
  5. Equipment doubts

    I’m Fabio, an Italian TT player and historian. I’ve just published “Racchette spezzate” (Broken rackets”, the story of the greatest TT champions who died before reaching sixty years old. A “Spoon River” of table tennis!! – see attachment I’m at present quite confused about my equipment and...
  6. Review Armstrong New AntiSpin

  7. Antispin w/ Carbon blade

    Hi guys, Can someone tell me if an antispin as Butterfly Super anti would fit well in a Waldner Senso Carbon? I have tried it in a Joola Fever , but it seems a bit fast while blocking and short game. Its the Waldner SC too fast? Thanks in advance