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  1. Table Tennis Dictionary

    A "Wiggly Wobbler" is a deceptive lob stroke. It gives the appearance of putting sidespin on the ball in one direction, but the opposite side spin is actually executed. As a result, the attacking player positions himself or herself for the spin they perceive and not the spin they receive. To...
  2. Match Videos - Barrow I vs. Sycamore I

    Second Half Gavin Evans (Barrow I - England No. 8 & World No. 651) vs. Peter Musko (Sycamore I - Hungary No. 7 & World No. 288) Brad Evans (Barrow I - England No. 34) vs. Damien Nicholls (Sycamore I - England No. 10)
  3. Amazing Behind the Back Shot

    Amazing 'behind the back' shot taken during last years British League Play-Offs. The players involved are Brad Evans (Barrow) and Hans Pillards (Pavilion Brighton).
  4. British League Premier Division (Third Weekend)

    For those in the northwest (of England), it is the third British League weekend this weekend at Halton. Better still, it is completely free! Venue: Halton TTC, Widnes, WA8 7DZ 23rd January 2011 10:30 - Barrow I v BATTS I 14:30 - Barrow I v Sycamore I Barrow TTC Squad: Paul Drinkhall, Gavin...
  5. Tech Up Your Table Tennis Club

    This week I was asked to do an interview with an Australian table tennis blogger about table tennis and social media. This is the resulting article -
  6. BATTS Super League Videos

    Semi-Final 1 Semi-Final 2 Final
  7. Michael Bublé meets Paul Drinkhall & Darius Knight

    Prior to flying out to the Commonwealth Games a couple of months ago, Paul Drinkhall and Darius Knight had the pleasure of meeting Michael Bublé. Or maybe that should be Michael Bublé had the pleasure of meeting (and playing against) Paul and Darius as Bublé told a spellbound Sheffield audience...
  8. Match Videos - Drumchapel Glasgow I vs Barrow I (The Rematch)

    First Half
  9. What impact would a strong British League have on British Table Tennis?

    Is it a coincidence that leading table tennis nations have strong domestic leagues? Would a strengthened British League improve British table tennis from grass roots through to the countries elite? Would people come and watch and would TV support it? Can the countries club structure support...
  10. Paul Drinkhall

    Paul Drinkhall – Modest, likeable and sporting, but also a huge competitor respected around the world (not many players beat the Chinese in their own back garden – Paul won the China Open Under-21 title, June 2009) and regarded as England’s best medal prospect for the London 2012 Olympics. At...
  11. Match Videos - Barrow I vs BATTS I

    First Half
  12. British League Premier Division (Weekend 2)

    Barrow TTC have successfully completed the first phase of their mission to win the British League Premier Division (at the first attempt). They must now overcome a strengthened Drumchapel Glasgow side a second time to more or less guarantee the championship and European table tennis next season...
  13. Who is Barrow TTC?

    Barrow TTC is a British League team based in Barrow-in-Furness (a small industrial town in northwest England). Last season, the first team was promoted to the British League Premier Division (second team plays in Division 2 North). Over the summer, the squad has been strengthened with top...
  14. Match Videos - Drumchapel Glasgow I vs Barrow I

    First Half
  15. British League Premier Division Results (First Weekend)

    Drumchapel Glasgow I vs Barrow I Final Score: Drumchapel Glasgow I 3 – 5 Barrow I Barrow I: Paul Drinkhall (2), Gavin Rumgay (1), Darius Knight (2), Sebastian Laux (0) Drumchapel Glasgow I: Ryan Jenkins (1), Gareth Herbert (0), Terry Young (1), Craig Howieson (1) Barrow I vs BATTS I Final...
  16. Denis Neale

    Denis Neale – as much a legend as a controversial figure, but for Barrow TTC an inspirational determined leader with a table tennis brain like no other. In his playing days Denis was the England Number 1 from 1967 to 1977. During this period he beat 6 World Champions, achieved a European...