butterfly blades

  1. SOLD - Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC

    I have sparingly used Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC blade for sale. I have used it for approximately 4-5 times and found it too fast for me. Blade: Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC (with original box) US buyers only.
  2. Legit site to buy Mazunov Off blade

    Hello! Do you guys know a legit site where i can buy Butterfly Mazunov Off blade? I am asking becuase the price differs a little depending on where i buy it. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  3. Real ?

    FH is tenergy 05 BH is tenergy 64 with a butterfly korbel off blade. are the rubber real? rubber gap in between handle and rubber is to compensate for the thin blade.
  4. New Viscaria handle?

    Hello guys, I just wanna confirm if your domestic markets got this new Viscaria version. The composition and size are still the same, but there is a little change in the material of making handle. Plus, this new version is also outfitted with the new Butterfly logo along with a new black box. I...
  5. Do I need to tune my rubber?

    I have just bought a brand new DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge) on a Jun Mizutani Super ZLC. I was thinking whether I would need to tune it on such a fast blade?
  6. LF: Old Butterfly blades

    Hi, I am looking for these blades: Butterfly Klampar Carbon Butterfly Allure Butterfly Viscaria ST or FL (1st series, can be broken, need only handle or just a lense) Butterfly Moonbeam ST Butterfly Oberon Butterfly Pulser ST Butterfly Schalger Carbon ST (1st series) Butterfly M.Maze ALC ST...