1. Color Pimples out

    Best regards to all from Chile. Currently with the new rule of black rubber color, this will only be effective in gums or also with long and / or short pimples out. What will be the color rule for the pimples out in general. What color will this be in general and how it will be carried out. Help...
  2. Guitar Lemon Oil for Blade Handle Color Restoration?

    Has anyone had experience with using lemon oil on their blade handle? Lemon oiling a guitar's fingerboard (long wood neck where fingers move around) is done for the purpose of restoring moisture and color conditioning/restoration so I was wondering if doing it to a blade handle would result in...
  3. How to change background color?

    Is it possible to change black color on background? My eyes get tired from reading because on black background color :(
  4. Can't find any store that sells 729 Battle 1 red color

    Hi all, I've been searching and I can't find 729 Battle 1 red color. They don't produce it? Or it's some guy that loves that rubber that buys all when some seller have? :p Best regards, Eduardo
  5. Released - DHS D40+ Bi-Color balls from China Super Leagues

    These were recently released to the public (Friday) and used in the past by the China Super Leagues. Bi-Color DHS D40+. They are CTTA Approved. Note, I don't see them on the ITTF approved equipment list (too bad). I have three comments on this: 1) Is there anything in the ITTF rules...
  6. Background color of the forum

    Hi: I'd like to spend more time here reading different topics, but after a while the background colors and the white letters make my view blur. Is there a way to change that setting? I tried to change the skin but it doesn´t work :(