1. Layers of following Blades Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC, Harimoto Innerforce ZLC and SZLC

    Hi, Do anybody know the Layers of following Blades: Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC, Harimoto Innerforce ZLC and SZLC Do any of this blades use Limba ?? Take Care! Ray
  2. Butterfly introduces Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC Blades Butterfly introduces new Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and Lin Gaoyuan Super ZLC blades, as Zhang Jike starts to get pushed out from branding as as now retired player. I find this to be a strange decision as LGY's time as a CNT mainstay could be...
  3. Adam Bobrow vs Lin Gaoyuan...

    camera angle could be better imho...
  4. Lefty Magicians : Xu Xin vs Lin Gaoyuan (FANCAM)
  5. Who is Lin Gaoyuan coach? (photo)

    Please, let me know, who is Lin Gaoyuan coach on China Open 2018? Liu Guozheng?
  6. Butterfly announces Lin Gaoyuan their new sponsored player

    Hi TTD. Butterfly just announced that LGY has joined the Butterfly family. They are also stating that he is using the new T05 Hard on his backhand. Here is the link Courtesy of
  7. Two HUGE losses for Lin Gaoyuan. What will this mean?

    The World Table Tennis Cup is currently being played and Lin G, has suffered his second loss from a winning position! Lin, played in both the World Championship and World Cup this year and on both occasions he was leading vs Xu Xin and Timo Boll; 10-5 and 10-4 in the last but managed to lose...
  8. Bernadette Szocs vs Lin Gaoyuan

    O.M.G ... No comments. :P