1. FS: BTY Viscaria FL, 93 and 90 grams

    Hello,I would like to sell 2 rare rockets: 2 Viscaria FL in very rare weights of 93 and 90 grams. Those are very hard to find nowadays. Both blades are from the T-Series. I only have the box for the lighter one but I will ship the blades well packaged. BTY Viscaria FL 93 grams, very good...
  2. FS GEWO Sensus Carbo Touch flared 85 grams like new

    Glued once and tested for 30 minutes. Very controlled inner aramid/carbon blade with soft touch, will work with many rubbers for many styles. Just not what I need. asking price USD 75 plus shipping USD 10
  3. My Viscaria ST Handle Blade weighs 80 grams

    Hi, I have just got my hands on a new Viscaria ST handle blade in the UK. It weighs 80 grams and I am a little concerned if that might be too light. I know it is a genuine blade because I got it from a reliable source. Teessport are expecting delivery of the ST handle in the middle of May. I...
  4. FS Tibhar Inca like new only 78 grams Aramid Carbon and Hinoki

    Rubbers glued only once, played only once, in perfect condition a blade that normally costs around 160 Euro. Offer Price: 110 including worldwide shipping (trackable)
  5. Butterfly Marcos Freitas ALC FL - 85 grams

    The blade is not more then 10h play.Have a small crack on one of the sides how you can see from the pictures.I`m from Nottingham so the blade is in England.Gift - butterfly glue free chack pro 37 ml. The price is 110 paound.For more , privete message or 07411153773. Regards :cool:
  6. FS Donic Waldner World Champion 89 flared 94 grams like new

    Closed Donic Waldner World Champion 89 flared 94 grams like new 45 Euro (new 99,90), played only twice in practice Postage (registered letter) 9 Euro
  7. FS NEW Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC 86 grams flared

    Closed NEW Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC 86 grams flared Unplayed, in original packaging, 160 Euro instead of 199,90 Euro Postage (registered letter) 9 Euro Payment by PayPal only.
  8. FS Butterfly Timbertouch All 77 grams, a TSP texalium blade and a prototype

    1. The Timber.Touch has a small dent and the logo is missing from the bottom of the handle. Otherwise it is in very good condition. Anatomic handle, but not extreme, almost passes as flared. Small and lightweight, this is good for kids as well. 20 Euro plus shipping fixed price (depends on...
  9. Avalox Ruiba flared 95 grams Bloodwood Carbon

    This is an interesting blade with great feeling and power. If you are familiar with the quality of the other Avalox blades you will know what to expect. Slightly damaged at the edge, this blade is otherwise in great condition. The RRP is around 100 Euros in my country, I am selling for 65.
  10. FS: Viscaria in box. 87-88 grams.

    Hello, I got a viscaria that has never been used. Weight: 87-88 grams. Flared. I´ve read that paypal is the easiest way to handle this kind of "business" so if you don´t have another idea we will go with that. I will send it from sweden. I prefer EU only. You pay for shipping,so price is...
  11. FT - Untouched Butterfly Viscaria FL 87-88 grams.

    Hello! I´ve got a untouched viscaria FL that I would love to trade away. I thought I broke mine but as it turned out it wasn´t broken but that was to late as another one already were on it´s way.So now it just lays here and collects dust ;). Weight: 87-88 grams. Here are some pictures: I...
  12. (FS) Stiga Carbonado 145 Legend good as new only 83 grams!

    Selected to fit my preferences, this is a great blade, but still it´s not "my" blade. Maybe I cannot sufficiently describe what it is that I am missing, but some of you will understand. This blade gives a pretty dominant "wood" feeling to the racket, whereas I like to feel the rubbers more. It...
  13. FS Genuine Stiga Rosewood NCT V only 80 grams like new

    For some reason, I cannot upload pictures. Please request FH/BH side pictures by email to [email protected] Genuine Stiga product, no HCT "clone", no other copy. Bought end of April, tested five or six times with different rubbers, but I like another blade better so I hope this finds a good...