1. [LHTT #53_Match in Vietnam] Match Against Hanoi Bro

  2. Playing Table Tennis in Weekend in Hanoi

    I am looking for the friend who can play table tennis with me in the weekend in Hanoi. I can not speak Vietnamese. So, if you can speak English, it is helpful. I have a playing experience for several years. So, I am not a beginner.
  3. table tennis in Hanoi

    anybody play table tennis in Hanoi?
  4. table tennis club in Hanoi

    Hi I will be in Hanoi in Jan 2019, would anybody like to play table tennis with me , or tell me where I can find someone to or some club to play with ? I will at Hanoi on the 14th to 18th , will stay near the old opera house, I am not a beginner, play quite well
  5. Plan to visit Vienam (Hanoi and Haiphong)

    Hi. My name is Nicholas Kim and live in S.Korea. I have a plan to visit Vietnam (Hanoi & Haiphong) on the end of this month. and I'd like to find the TT place there. Could you help me to find the TT place in Hanoi & Haiphong? 1) TT place's name 2) Address 3) Facility 4) Coach (If I want to...
  6. table tennis in Hanoi

    Hello! :) I just arrived in Hanoi and will stay here until the 12. of August. Anyone here wants to meet and play some table tennis? I tried once to play, but people here don't really speak english and I don't speak vietnamnese too. Also it seems like it is not very common here to have "pick-up"...