1. Holiday Training VLOG

    Hey everyone, here's a video of my training/matches/life during the holiday break. Enjoy!
  2. TT Locations - Holiday 4-9 Sept (Paris) and 9-13 Sept (London) ?

    Hello all, I'll be on holiday in Paris (4-9 Sept) and London (9-13 Sept). The wife ('the boss') and I. In Paris I'm staying in the 1 Arr. I researched playing 'Libre pour tous' in Paris at US2e (, anyone ever play there? I'm also researching Paris13TT. I'll be traveling by...
  3. Holiday-Sale : all wood custom blades !

    SALE IS OVER I've decided to sell some of my custom wood blades. These blades are all in great shape and have been tested by players of different levels at my club. The money will go into buying new material and tools, to further improve my craftmanship and experiment with different...
  4. Tournament for Average American in: UK, France, Germany, Austria? During Holiday

    I'd like to plan a Holiday in one of these countries: UK, France, Germany, Austria. During the summer (June, July, August). I'd like to play in a low-level tournament. My question is how to find out if there are average tournaments open to an average American ( is not...