1. Which Homemade Blade for Hurricane 3 Rubber?

    About my play: I've been playing table tennis for about 15 years, but took a long break in the middle (about 10 years off) and have been playing again for almost a year. I'm approximately USATT 1600, and the things holding my rating back are mostly my serves and general game sense/strategy. I...
  2. FS: Homemade blades

    I'm selling some of the blades i made. They are are good blades in their own right but don't suit my style as well as another one i made. All the blades are sealed. The price is 30€ per blade, plus shipping. PM for more details. Blade 1 - Oak/Maple/Western Red Cedar/Maple/Oak - 88.9g - 5.8mm...
  3. SDC Handmade Blades

    I order some materials but they haven't arrived yet, so i had to use some stuff from another projects. These were mainly experiments but didn't turn out too bad, in fact the second one managed to overthrow the DHS301. I weight all the materials and calculate the density so i can calibrate the...
  4. FS: Two Heavy (100g +) Homemade Blades $30 Each

    SOLD - Homemade Blades Hello, EDIT: Both Blades Have Been Sold - Thanks Everyone (and Especially Der_Echt) I have two blades that I made a couple weeks ago, which I realized are too heavy for me after a session or two of playing with each. Veneers were pressed at high pressure with vacuum bag...
  5. Homemade racket case

    Yesterday I bumped into my former colleague who now is a partner in a small company which makes stuff from various plastics and while chatting got some strange idea. For some time I am struggling to find the racket case I like. (Don't be very judgmental, I know it's a little bit crazy, but I am...
  6. My homemade blade

    This if my first proper attempt at making a blade. I'm quite pleased how it came out and at 84g and now just need to see how it plays.
  7. Homemade table tennis blade

    Inspired by others and a desire to develop my skills I decided to have a go at making my own blade. After a couple of experiments this is the first one that I am quite happy with. It's based on Stiga blades and is a 5 ply Limba - Fir - Ayous - Fir - Limba combination with mahogany handle. The...
  8. Homemade rubber cleaner

    How to make homemade rubber cleaner I tried few pro cleaners like butterfly and joola cleaners but i didnt like it. So i want to try make it.Have you some recepies and with what do you clean your rubbers
  9. Homemade tt robot

    Has anybody attempted to make one of these? I'm a bit of a DIY man and would be interested to know if plans/designs of these could be had. ;)