1. Budget Setup for returning newbie : Sanwei CC or Power G-7 or V14pro

    Hi all,I hve been browsing the threads and learnt several insights. Very informative forum.Im starting to get back into the game after 10-15 years (i use to play TT in school team) and im looking for a budget setup that wont break the bankI used to own Stiga Offensive Classic back in the day but...
  2. Newbie Advice for 11 year old developing player

    My 11 year old son has been playing for two years with a Dunlop bat (sorry - I know!!) Now regularly playing local and national age group tournaments so needs a new better bat. Been using his coach's bat for the last 3 weeks (Yinhe T -10 blade with Tibhar MX S and EL P rubbers) but its falling...
  3. newbie here introduce myself

    hello all friends i am new here and i just like to play Table Tennis
  4. Newbie here... need help

    im from the phillipines... I just anna ask how to order and where can i order online this balde thanks a lot
  5. newbie saying Hi

    Hi folks , 46 years old and always wanted to play TT , used to play with my Aunt up untill age 14 who'd played in a club , had a set up in mates freezing cold garage made out of 8 X4 sheet ply and lots of beer crates as a youth .Not touched a bat untill a year ago when I had chance of taking a...
  6. Another newbie

    Hi, Just joined the forum ... looks like a great resource! These days my primary interest is coaching (technique, technologies, training, tactics etc.). Never that good a player at my best (and that was 40 years ago), but I still hold my own in a couple of leagues and, as a vet, in...