1. Tibhar Cedric Nuytinck vs Xiom Ice Cream AZXi

    Hello Guys! I thought I should step up in speed on my blade You see in my signature what I am playing with this days > ZLF blades! So I wonder which blade would suit me best of Tibhar Cedric Nuytinck vs Xiom Ice Cream AZXi ?? And which blade do you think is the best of them two generally ...
  2. Cédric NUYTINCK WR 83 - Best Of.... 2006 !

    Hi everyone, Here is a best of Cédric Nuytinck N°1 in Belgium ! Euro Mini Champs 2006 ! Make sure to Subscribe for more great Table Tennis ? YouTube :
  3. BELGIUM - POLAND European League - Nuytinck Devos Lambiet - Dyjas Wang Gorak

    European League 2016-2017 Belgium Hi Everyone, Here is the match. There is already the Training Session with Jakub Dyjas on the channel, and there will be soon more training with the Belgian Team here :
  4. Best Of Cédric NUYTINCK

    Cédric Nuytinck is N°2 in Belgium and plays in Germany with FC Saarbrucken ! In the European Champ 2015 in Russia, he beat Stephane Ouaiche 4-2 and Patrick Baum 4-0....