1. when TTNPP.com and Eacheng.net reopen for order equipment ?

    They still close now., when they comeback .
  2. Be careful when you order from DHS sports. https://www.dhs-sports.store/cart?appSec

    Ordered a hurricane 3 neo blue sponge provincial, order didn’t arrive after 30 days.No response from DHS;now I have to go through the hassle of refunding through PayPal. Anyone had any similar experiences?
  3. Letting rubbers "breathe" before sticking them on (in order to reduce shrinkage)?

    Letting rubbers "breathe" before sticking them on (in order to reduce shrinkage)? Hi Guys, I've seen a posted on you-tube which suggests that you should leave new rubbers out of the packet to "breathe" for about 72 hours in order to allow any shrinkage before putting them on the blade, rather...
  4. A recent order from China...

    A recent order from China went quite south unfortunately and I am curious whether or not anyone has had similar experiences. Long story short, I placed an order with Prott (This is actually not his fault in any way and it's quite likely he is out of pocket as a result) but essentially, I placed...
  5. Help on how to order table tennis equipment

    Hello, I am from Philippines and was planning to order equipment online at tabletennis11 .. I recently created a paypal account but I don't know how to add funds to it with linking a bank account.. Any advice would be helpful . thanks again
  6. Is it OK to order here? Is this site not a scam site?

    Hi, Just want to know if this site that sells table tennis equipment is legitimate and not a scam site. http://tt-japan.net/ Thanks
  7. I Love Ping Pong Web Shop - anyone usedt them for overseas order?

    Hi all Has anyone placed an order with "I Love Ping Pong" web shop. They're based in Taiwan Thanks Andy
  8. Congratulations in Order !

    Since I can't find any sign of anyone else starting a thread like this - congratulations to Paul and Joanna Drinkhall on the birth of baby Douglas !