1. TomorrowTableTennis Series with Miikka and Otto from Pongfinity 10. June 2023, Essen, Germany

    https://tomorrowtabletennis.com/events Saturday, 10. June 2023, 14:00 to 20:15, DJK Franz-Sales-Haus Essen http://maps.google.com/?q=261%20Steeler%20Stra%C3%9Fe%20Essen,%20NRW,%2045138%20Deutschland Invitation only. 16 players including Miikka and Otto from Pongfinity, Full list of players...
  2. New video out by Pongfinity

    Pongfinity have a new video out. This time they captured the pros doing trickshots. Enjoy!
  3. With how many balls is it possible to play at the same time!?

    Hey guys, Inspired by Mj Tafeltennis we decided to try out with how many balls we can play table tennis at the same time. It was quite a bit of fun but got really challenging towards the end! Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to try it out yourself too! :) How many do you think that...
  4. Crazy Table Tennis Shot by Pongfinity

    Nice shot :D Didn't know that you guys played as representatives for Finland. Cool stuff!
  5. Best of Pongfinity Trick Shots (VIDEO)

    Hey guys, Thought I would upload this compilation video to YouTube since a lot of the clips in it have been going viral lately. The video consists of our favorite clips up to date :) Which clip is your personal favorite? :D
  6. Pongfinity guys - European Championships 2017 Qualifications

    Awesome guys from Finland are ready to challenge French stars. Match begins right about now! The European Championships 2017 Qualifications are underway. Check it out! <iframe frameborder="0" width="560" height="315" src="//www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x4tah54"...
  7. Crushing Table Tennis Stuff with Hydraulic Press

    Hey guys, This is a pretty interesting video. What happens when you crush table tennis items with the world famous hydraulic press? :D The video below was made two months ago when we visited the Hydraulic Press Channel. With the same visit we also made a "Ping Pong vs Hydraulic Press" video...