1. South Korea's Lineup for WTTC 2019

    2 players per gender qualified by WR from 2/2019, and the rest by trials that took place from 2/27-3/1. Trial format: M: 3 rounds of championship, where the winner qualifies automatically. W: Top 3 players in huge round-robin qualify automatically. MS: Lee Sangsu(WR 7), Jang Woojin(WR 11)...
  2. Greetings From the Deep South of Georgia!

    Thank you for letting me join the community. I am still rather new (6 months) into learning table tennis and hope answer more questions tan ask one day!
  3. playing table tennis in Suwon, South Korea

    Hello! I`m beginner in TT and training about five months. Now I was sent in BT to Suwon, South Korea till December. So I want to continue my trainings. I kindly ask for help to find table tennis club in Suwon with coach who is speaking in English, as I don`t speak Korean. I will wait for your...
  4. North- and South Korea to combine teams in Halmstad!

    Wow... I didn't know this was 'possible'. I think it's an amazing gesture but I think it's unfair to the other teams... I don't know how I would have decided if it was my decision at the ITTF
  5. LF: South Korea TT Team shirt in UK XL

    As title reads, I'm looking for South Korea TT team shirt in UK XL. If you have one available for sale, please do PM me with price INCLUDING SHIPPING TO THE UK Many thanks in advance.
  6. Visiting Hong Kong and South China for about 2 weeks

    Hi TTD, i'm currently visiting Hong Kong and South China over the next two weeks. I'm posting all my Facebook page PongVenture. Ill share also on what I get up to :)
  7. Ratings - USA vs Europe League - South America - East Asia

    Hi guys and Gals, my training partner (Evan Gordon) and i were talking about equipment last night and brought up Daniel Ives's Equipment reviews.. then we talked about Daniel Ives's high playing abilities in his reviews.. then we asked each other what would be is his USATT rating? we...
  8. South Korea Table tennis Clubs

    Hope you all doing well. I’m heading to South Korea 2017. Seoul I think. Im looking for a club that I can train and increase my level of playing. Like pay for a membership or something and someone be by my side to tell me what I’m doing good or wrong. I'll be there for like 4 o 6 mouth and those...
  9. South African Table Tennis Championships 2015

    The annual SA Junior & Senior Inter-regional Championships happening in Cape Town now! 28 June 2015 to 4 July 2015 Please help share/like/comment I'm trying to bring table tennis news/social media to...
  10. South Carolina > Two shocking unsanctioned rebel tournaments

    Visit for the stunning developments Both these tournament are high aspect ratio & 2 color rule of 1983 will not be enforced. Visit Charleston, the city that was ranked the best tourist destination in the entire world 3 years in a row and also named the friendliest city in USA...
  11. Hello / Hola from Chile, South America!!

    Hi, I'd like to introduce myself to this forum. My name is Sebastian, I'm 22 and I'm from Santiago de Chile, a country that doesn't have many table tennis players, but still somehow this magnificent sport came to me and i just love it!! Unfortunately I've only been playing for 2 years, I'm not...