1. Have a problem with shipping, need help .

    On 05/19/2022, I ordered from TTNPP 4 sheets of rubbers DHS Neo Skyline 3 , Black , 2.2, 41 degree + 4 sheets of rubbers Friendship 802 Mystery. TTNPP gave me tracking number: AG703344640CN. My order number is: # 051779, Then I see in my TTNPP Account wrote this parcel came to Los Angeles CA...
  2. when and reopen for order equipment ?

    They still close now., when they comeback .
  3. Is TTnPP reliable?

    Hello guys, I want to buy dhs neo h3 provincial blue sponge. I found this rubber on TT11, PROTT and TTnPP. TT11 is too expensive, PROTT has god price but they don't sell glue. TTnPP has the best prices and they sell even dianchi glue. My question is: are their rubber legit...
  4. Did TTNPP went rouge?

    I made purchase on June 26th and my items weren’t shipped yet, did TTNPP went rouge? Does anyone know how to contact these people at all?
  5. TTNPP contact number

    I made purchase on 06/27/2018 and the store has not shipped the items. I made 4 purchases before and the were always shipped in few days this time it wasn`t. If anyone has contact information's I would appreciated because they do not response on their email and that is shitty way of doing...
  6. is TTNPP fake?

    Hello TTD members, How genuine is TTNPP, has anyone purchased from them before? Do you have a contact number? Thanks, Chintan
  7. New DHS 40+ Ball - TTNPP (Is it fake or is it real?)

    Hello there; as the title suggests, I am looking to buy a couple of box's of the new DHS ball from TTNPP given that their postage is vastly superior to others however, my concern is that the balls could be fakes give that they cost £2.71 for 6 which to me, seems insane. Typically I play with...
  8. - They have lost my trust

    I ordered rubbers from that site 2 months ago..still haven't recieved them. I ordered one pair of xiom sigma II pro. I've written to them 2 times about this (costumer service) but i still havent got any help or any response. I've ordered from them before and there were no problems but this...
  9. The TTNPP store.

    Every time I order something from these guys I receive my order in 4-5 days. I highly recommend this store and the guys running behind.
  10. Ttnpp vs prott

    Hi everybody I have never bought anything from these sites so i dont know if i can trust. I am especially talking about the Hurricane. With so many fakes rubbers it is a quite difficult to find one not fake. So i would love that you helped me. In TTNPP we can find the H3 NEO national...
  11. H3 Neo national on

    Anyone here can give me your thoughts if buying hurricane 3 NEO NATIONAL at is reliable and is it genuine?

    hey guys! i am juz asking if is a reliable website to buy tt equipments.