1. Yinhe pro 13s, good concept but is it worth to try ?

    I saw in aliexpress.This blade is inner KLC fo FH(it claim this structure form Long 5) and outer ALC for BH(Structure form viscaria). Do you think about this blade?
  2. Important: How Scammers Operate. Info from Baal on MyTT worth having on TTDaily Also

    Important: How Scammers Operate. Info from Baal on MyTT worth having on TTDaily Also This is a thread Baal made on MyTT. It is worth having this content here as well. Read content from Baal below or click the link to see the original thread on MyTT. Link to thread on MyTT...
  3. Is it worth serving short ? - for amateurs

    Hello to everybody, When you start playing tennis table, everybody will tell you that whatever you do you need to keep the ball low. Since any ball exchange starts with a serve, it makes sense to serve short because in this way you can protect yourself from being attacked by your opponent from...
  4. Are re impact blades worth the extra money

    Been reading up on the re impact blades and they talk a good show but are they actually worth the extra money. I want precision and control from a blade much more than I want speed and because of elbow problems I find a light set up much more comfortable to play with. So with that in mind is a...
  5. POLL : Is theoretical discussion worth it ?

    Lately, I see an abundance of threads in TTD where posters ask for advice on equipments and technique without any video evidence of their playing level. While I absolutely feel that one is entitled to their privacy and my suggestion to such people is that they are better off consulting with a...
  6. Is it worth it to buy a TT robot?

    Hey guys! First of all, I'd like to know if buying a robot for practice is a good idea. Most of the times (when I'm not at my TT club) I don't have any training partners and would like to find a way to improve my game even more. I'm interested in buying one but can't spend too much money. If...
  7. How much is this blade setup worth?

    How much is this setup actually worth? I was at a friends house and he told me his racket was almost $500 New zealand dollar (approx $340 USD) - exact price unsure but i'd guess he meant 450-550 range. I saw he had a Tenergy 64 + 05 rubbers with Butterfly Tamca Chinese ULC blade (penhold) and...
  8. JTTAA version - Really worth the extra $$?

    Hi there, Anyone has experience in the wood quality of the blade for a JTTAA and normal version? Thinking worth for the extra $$? Or just better surface finishing that's it, more smooth in the handle for example? Would be best if there is a photo side by side comparison. Thanks
  9. FS Andro Ligna FR Off Table Tennis Blade worth £139.99

    This Ligna blade is made with 5 layers of high quality wood with two synthetic fibre layers to give an enlarged sweet spot, leading to a more consistent bounce with a great feel and touch. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282241349381?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  10. how much is this blade worth today?

    is it a collector's item or is it still available in the market?
  11. How much is used Tenergy worth?

    Hi TTD, I have two sheets of used Tenergy, 1x Tenergy 05 Black and 1x Tenergy 05-FX Red. I am wanting to sell the rubbers, but don't know what price I should charge. Tenergies still in great condition and used for 2.1 months. Please could you give me a idea of what price to charge, I have heard...
  12. Is the stiga intensity NCT worth it?

    I'm looking for a fast cpen blade for mid distance looping.How does this blade differ from the YEO and the offensive NCT?
  13. is it worth upgrading to the hurricane long 3 ?

    right now im using and dhs 5001 blade with skyline neo2 and andro rasent powergrip
  14. TSP Spectol 21 2.15mm worth it?

    Hi everyone :) I have been playing short pips for quite a while now and I want to upgrade my equipment to something I could use for a veeery long time. Probably something I would settle for. I've found that I prefer softer sponge for my backhand and TSP Spectol 21 Offensive sponge will be...
  15. Butterfly Products, are they really worth the money you pay?

    At the start of my current season Sept 2011 the cost of Butterfly products soared in price to the point many local league players (Up to County level) went looking for cheaper but effective alternate products, even Tenergy users sort alternate rubbers. So are Butterfly pricing themselves out of...