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  • Spinny
  • Control
  • High throw
  • Quite slow
  • Heavy
Spinny, quite slow with good control, using it on my backhand and has been useful to improve my backhand loop. It has a high throw which takes some getting used to. I have this in max, it is quite heavy which is important to keep in mind as it can make your setup quite head-heavy depending on the blade and other rubber you have.
  • Hard
  • Durable
  • High bounce
My local league uses these balls and I've had a decent experience with them, they don't seem to break too easily and seem to be relatively consistent, bounce does seem quite high. It seems quite hard, I've tested this by pressing my fingers into it and it won't budge unless pressed pretty hard. Haven't heard any complaints from other players and as they're used in the local league they must've been some-what tested so I would recommend this ball.
  • Control
  • Spin
Nittaku acoustic is an allwood blade composed of limba, limba, tung-tree, limba, limba the limba ply being a soft ply makes the blade soft with great feeling. There is some variation in weight, mine is 91g which is a nice balanced weight to me.

The amount of vibration is great for me as a developing player and not too over the top which I felt with my older allround classic blade. While it is an offensive blade it is not too fast, but due to the limba plies it has good dwell and it is easy to spin the ball well. I'm using tenergy 05 2.1 on forehand and donic baracuda max on the backhand. It is quite heavy at 191g but you quickly get used to it.

I think I would be able to handle an even faster blade due to the slower backhand rubber, but I rather focus on heavy spin and upgrade speed slowly with time and this set up with the acoustic seems ideal for this goal. If you're a flat hitter then you may want to go with something different.

The handle is quite small so keep that in mind if you have big hands, this also means it can be a bit head heavy, which I'm still feeling but getting used to.

I'd highly suggest this blade to someone that has played for a while and developed their game but looking for something slightly faster and want more spin. Because of the softness of the blade it's good to keep in mind what rubbers you put on it as well as how developed your backhand or forehand is e.g. I'm using tenergy05 a fairly hard rubber on my forehand which is suited for speed and spin while the baracuda is slighly slower but is forcing me to spin more as gives me good control for the short game and blocking.
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