• Balls $9

    Premium 3 star 40+

    Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ balls are a new non-celluloid plastic ball. It is made in Japan. It is ITTF approved and legal for all ITTF sanctioned...
  • Balls $30

    3 star 40+

    XSF's exclusive technology creates balls as a single unit, not by fusing parts together under old methods. By getting rid of seams, we also got...
  • Balls $14

    3 star 40+

    Nexy New Poly Ball ***40+ BRAND: NEXY Color: White 3 Star Ball 40+ / 6 pcs This is the nice 40+ Poly Ball produced in the XSF factory that is...
  • D40+

    The new DHS D40+ plastic ball which comes with a seam will be released in April 2016.
  • Balls $7

    3 star 40+

    This NEW next generation 3 star ball is made from high quality PLASTIC and has a seam. These Tibhar balls are ITTF approved and are made in China.
  • Balls $15

    Perform 40+ ABS

    STIGA 3 Star Perform 40+ ABS Table Tennis Balls STIGA's 2nd generation of plastic balls (40+) have hit the market and they are a big improvement...
  • Balls $4.5

    Easy Ball 40+

    The Butterfly Easy Ball 40+ is made with new plastic material, made in Germany stable and durable pronounced roundness precise bounce made in...
  • Balls $7

    Premium 3 star

    Used in the 2001 World Championships in Japan. ITTF Approved.
  • Balls $10

    3 star 40+

    Stag's 3* 40 + plastic ball
  • 3 star 40+

    TSP's 3 star ball for the 40+ plastic ball era!
  • G40+

    The Butterfly G40+ Plastic 3* ball will be released in October 2015. Unique to this g40+ is the construction, whereby the seam is the same...
  • Balls $12

    3 star 40+

    Andro's ITTF Approved plastic ball.
  • Balls $2.50

    Butterfly A40+

    Butterfly's latest plastic ball the A40+. This new plastic ball will be used at the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships! Manufactured under...
  • Balls $4.5

    40+ 2 star

    Double Fish 2 star plastic ball
  • Balls $7

    Coach 40+

    Donic's plastic training balls. Coach 40+ Plastic Training Balls with seam.
  • Balls $4.14

    SD 40+

    The new (January 2018) plastic Nittaku competition ball. In top quality with optimum roundness and hardness of a Nittaku ball. Made in China.
  • Balls $12

    Superior 2 star 40+

    The Nittaku Superior 2 Star Balls are the new plastic balls by Nittaku made in Japan and released in 2016. The balls are the second best thing to...
  • Master Quality Ball G40+

    The new Butterfly Master Quality Ball was released in 2016. The new plastic ball is ideal for multi ball practice, robot training and match play...
  • Balls $4

    Fort Tournament

    These high-quality table tennis balls are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation, suitable for the most demanding players. 3 star...
  • Balls $5

    Super 3 Star

  • Balls $7

    Optimum 3 Star

    Stiga's manufacturing process has produced balls of unparalleled consistency. Stiga balls are pre-tested to ensure professional quality roundness...
  • 2 star 40+

    DHS 2 star 40+ table tennis ball is made from the new plastic material.Approved by Chinese Table Tennis Association.
  • Balls $7

    3 star 40+

    Donics ITTF Approved Plastic 3 star 40+ ball.
  • Balls $7

    SHA 3 star 40+

    Nittaku's ITTF Approved 3 star 40+ plastic ball.
  • Balls $10

    Optimum 3 Star 40+

    A competition poly ball that has been hand selected and ITTF approved.
  • Balls $7

    Club 40+

    Plastic training ball.
  • Balls $9

    1 star 40+

    DHS 1 star 40+ table tennis ball, made from the new plastic material. Approved by the Chinese Table Tennis Association.
  • Balls $12

    3 star 40+

    DHS 3 star 40+ table tennis ball made of new plastic material.Approved by ITTTF.
  • Balls $10

    3 star 40+

    Butterfly's official ball for the plastic era. Th Butterfly 3 Star 40+ Plastic Ball will be the Official ball of the 2015 World Championships.
  • Balls $7

    SUPER-P 40+

    The new JOOLA-P plastic 3* ball is made from high quality plastic and specially selected.
  • Balls $3

    1 star 40+

    XuShaoFa's 1 star plastic ball.
  • Balls $8.99


  • Balls $7.99

    ABS HD

    The ABS HD is the latest ABS ITTF Approved 3 Star Seam ball from SANWEI. Inherit the great quality from the legendary ABS PRO, the ABS HD is an...
  • Balls $10.71

    D40+ ITTF World Tour

    DHS 2019 ITTF World Tour T.T. D40+ 3 Stars Ball Plastic With Seam Ball Material Plastic 40mm+ Ball ABS Ball 2017-2020 World Championship Ball. The...
  • Balls $9.99

    3 star 40+

    Xiom's new 40+ plastic seamless balls. ITTF approved high quality plastic balls
  • Balls $4.18


    The new plastic ball from DONIC. The new DONIC P40 + 3 star is harder than its predecessor. He has a slightly higher bounce, and you can recognize...
  • Balls $28.95

    Nittaku Japan Star 40+ / 2 dozen

    New! Excellent 1-star practice ball, made in Japan! The Nittaku Japan Star 40+ are white balls in a package of 2 dozen (12) balls. Made by Nittaku...
  • Balls $45

    PolyS Training ball

    Many things are still in discussion on plastic balls, but for sure, the future will be free of celluloid. While many questions are still open at...
  • Balls $80

    1 star

    Great seamless training plastic balls. They are of great quality! They are not standart training balls as they are marked with one star. Very good...
  • Balls $5

    3 Star

    Andro's popular 3 star celluloid ball