yinhe/galaxy Earth 1

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I ordered this blade because I felt that the ZJK ALC was a bit too fast for me and because I felt that the koto outer plies would still give it a similar feel. I have been using this blade for the past 2 weeks and have been positively surprised by this blade. My last two blades were the ZJK ALC and before that the Stiga Allround NCT and I will compare the E-1 to both of those blades.

Rubbers: FH:Tenergy 80 (max), BH: Evolution FX-P (max). Playing style: Close to the table, controlled offense


1. Short game: The blade behaves quite well while serving and receiving. I can put a bit more spin on shorter serves compared to the ZJK ALC as there is less catapult. It is not as slow as the Allround NCT in this aspect but it should be controllable for most players. The harder outer layers also helped while flicking the ball. Fast long serves are no problem at all as the blade has sufficient speed.

2. Opening up: The E-1 is not as unforgiving as the ZJK ALC in opening up as the balls are not propelled forwards as much. Slow spinny opening topspins were possible as well as a faster topspin against backspin over the table.

3. Counters/Blocking: Here is where the blade really shines compared to a traditional 5 ply blade. The koto outer layers give the blade a more crisp feeling compared to a standard 5 ply blade with limba outer layers. he solidity of the blade gives it a better feeling while blocking or playing fast counters close to the table. It feels similar to the ALC in this aspect, though you feel more vibrations because of the absence of the ALC layers. However, this blade does not vibrate nearly as much as the Stiga Allround NCT.

4. Mid-distance: Though I normally don't play this far from the table, you could generate sufficient speed 2-3 meters behind the table. My loops did not exactly have the zip that I had with the ALC, they were still fast enough for my level.

5. Counter-topspin: Though the ALC was more solid in playing counter-topspins, this blade still performed very well. I had more control with counter-topspinning close to the table, compared to the Allround NCT.

6. Build Quality: The blade felt very nice in the hand. The handle was a bit anatomic, but I sanded it down. The neck is not as wide as with most Stiga blades and I prefer it this way as well as it allows more types of grips. I change my grip between backhand and forehand strokes and I was able to do so without a problem. The wider neck of the Allround NCT would feel uncomfortable in this aspect.

7: Sweet-spot: What you would expect from a 5 ply blade.

8. Final thoughts: Though it feels like an all-wood blade (and it is!), it was more similar to the ALC in terms of feel, compared to the Allround NCT. It lacks the extra speed that the ALC provides but makes up for it in control. I would recommend this blade for a wide range of players who like playing a controlled-offensive game. I think that only high level players with a solid technique/game will miss the extra speed of a carbon blade. I also think that this is a better blade for developing players (especially with the introduction of the plastic ball) compared to typical ALL+ blades as you don't need as much effort in generating power but you maintain a good amount of control.