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Here's my review on the Nexy Higgs

Rubber used:
Forehand Stiga Airoc Astro M
Back Hand Xiom Omega V Tour

First Drillings: Speed is really amazing much on control but for the speed especially polyballs dragging is seen here.

Top Spin: This blade is pretty awesome really having different gears base on the set up used.

Short strokes : near the table , quite an adjustment needed but still great.

3rd ball attack: Looping is quite a breeze near the table even mid distance. Drives is what amazes me since this is where speed is created.

Back hand: Control for blocks is there due to the feel of the wood. Punch blocks is where speed generates and backhand loops is also great. Flicks on forehand and backhand is perfect and splendid on your next set up of play.

Overall Summary: This blade is an OFF to OFF+ blade it may be due to the Wenge plies . Short strokes is really great on this blade. Away from the table is where you get your control, and when you set up the game you can rip off full blast. This review is base on my experience. It may vary on different players who used it.
  • Fast Low Arc
  • Polyball Ready
  • Control
  • Thicker Contact
??Higgs Blade:
I got the chance to review this Table Tennis Blade I received from Nexy, I Hope you get the chance to read.
Rubbers I used are Tenergy 64, Acuda S2, Hurricane 8
(Basically hard rubber for Fh and Tensor and famous rubbers) and Nexy 3 Star Polyball 40+
First impression:
The Packaging is totally stylish, in laymen's terms you can say its "cool". Opening the box comes at ease and can be used as an alternative batcase if you can't still afford or you come short including a case in your Budget. The Blade's craftsmanship is superb, especially at how smooth it is cut, the cutting tool used must be of some kind of high technology and delicate. Nexy Also used a Metal Emblem
The Blade:
Higgs is a 7-ply 4th Generation Blade released by Nexy, as How it is described by Nexy, they used Wenge as an outer veneer that has a characteristic of 'line". "Line" is described as a feeling of dragging.
To Test this blade, I kept in mind to use fast-high tension rubbers and a Hard rubber for Forehand, of cores at-least a poly-ball ready rubber for FH.
In Action:
Drills: Tenergy 64-FH, DHS H8-Fh, Acuda S3-BH, Tenergy-64Bh(I switch rubbers to know the compatibility w/ my game
From the first 3-4 hits, I already felt the speed of the blade and the so called "Dragging". The ball has a low trajectory and pinpoint like bounce as I was hitting it. The feeling was firm as I was hitting it, very less vibration or should i describe it as having a hard sponge hitting the ball.
I am very satisfied at how it performed well with short strokes at w/ my BH and produced fast shots
I was able to produce reasonable amount of spin. I noticed I had to make lower angles to my shot because I'm using T64. The ball is fast and produced more spin compared to my set up before using a Rosewood NCT 5 and Acuda S2-FH. I just had to make some control adjustment since i am used to full swings when it comes to spinning, I had this trouble solved when I used the DHS H8 in my FH. I am a bit surprised that despite using a hard rubber in my FH, the speed difference was not that wide.
I ask my drill partner and friend to blocked my BH spin, I felt so much comfort and less effort of hitting the ball at a mid distance even at a close table range, the spin produced was low in arc and spiny.
Short return/flips:
When it come s to short under-spin shots, controlling the ball close to the not has no problem. Flip shots was also easy maybe because of what Nexy say as the "Line" effect.
Game Play:
3rd ball attack comes at ease, I manage to produce spiny short and long serves that allowed me to play my game since I tend to brush the ball w/ ripping BH and looping chops at its lowest point of trajectory. When it comes to succeeding balls, I can say I had a 60/40 success and error rate, this could be because of the rubber compatibility to the blade and adjustments i need for my own game.
Overall Summary:
The blade is fast, I can rate this mid Off and Off+. I recommended this to players who like short quick strokes in both FH and BH. I would suggest that this blade be used w/ a much slower Hard rubber to full swing loopers or attackers, maybe a Rising Dragon from Yasaka will do. It can fairly be played at a close table range and performed better at Mid distance. I'm also looking forward to have this compared w/ butterfly's new gen wenge wood blade(Hard draw especial wood series).
weigh: 83 g
speed: mid off and off+
plies: 7 plies( 2 wenge outer veneer)
credits to friends who let me borrowed some rubbers
I would appreciate comments and suggestions when it comes to reviewing