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  • Perfectly round
  • good feel
  • hard
  • Average spin
today I played my first league match with this ball. I train and play with Joola Flash.
All balls were from a freshly opened box. I cleaned the balls (from the factory dust) and tested their roundness.
All were perfectly round. I spinned them on the table: absolutely no wobbling.
During warmup and gameplay, I felt that this is a hard and fast ball. I've read in other reviews that it has even less spin than the previous poly balls, but this isn't true. It's just average.
The best about this ball, the feeling you get on loops. If you hit hard you can really feel that the rubber grabs the ball. This was my main issue with poly balls: they are soft and it's much harder to get that feeling.
I played against a long pips blocker and I could confidently loop his balls.
I can see that those players who use nice spinny loops with fast brushing might not like the D40+. It's a faster ball but without more spin, so they might feel it less spinny.
This ball rewards direct gameplay.
Edge hits didn't broke the ball (in contrary to the Joola Flash I use), so durability shouldn't be a problem. And it's cheaper too.
  • Speed
  • Spin
  • Feel
I played for a year with my MX-P, 2.0.
I used on FH around 3 month, but then on BH.
What's the best about this rubber, is it's speed and spin potential. I will compare it to Tenergy series. Speedwise it's around the T64, but it behaves differently. On strong loops throw angle is higher than T64, but lower than T05. On slow loops Tenergys perform better, I think due to the softer topsheet. On stronger shots it's sponge kicks the ball like spring sponge, but it is more linear than T series. Easier to make punch-shots. In general, performance of MX-P is very similar to Tenergy. It's a very good substitution, as it's much cheaper. BUT, it requires good skills. It feels very hard and due it's speed - hard to control. Tenergy is much more easy to use. MX-P lacks the feel, that's it.
Playing elements compared to T64 and T05:
Slow opening loop: T05>T64>MX-P
Strong opening loop (FH): MX-P>T05>T64 MX-P is faster than T05 and somehow I didn't liked the T64 in this case.
Strong opening loop (BH): T64>MX-P I didn't used T05 on BH side enough to speak about.
Short push and drop-shot: MX-P>T05=T64 Tackiness really helps there.
Long push: T64>=T05=MX-P With T64 easier to vary the spin, but maybe that's just my memory.
BH flick (fast, long): T64>MX-P T64 really shines here.
BH flick (short, slower): MX-P=T64
FH flip-kill: MX-P>T64=T05 Hardness, speed and slight tackiness makes MX-P perfect for this shot.
BH flip-kill: T64>MX-P
Counterloop (FH/BH) close to mid range: T05=T64>MX-P With MX-P easier to miss the table than T05. T64 generates lower arc than both, but still easy to land it on the table.
Counterloop (FH) long range: MX-P>=T64>=T05: Faster rubbers are better at long range.
Counterloop (BH) mid to long range: T64>>MX-P Think to the BH loops of ZJK and Zhou Yu! T64 is the best in this, even commercial version.
Passive block (BH): T64>MX-P
Active block: T64=MX-P
Smash: MX-P<=T64=T05 There isn't too much difference.
  • Spin
  • Feeling, control
  • Power
Serve: serves are spinnies, but sometimes hard to control.
Flicks: very easy to flick. You can choose between short spinny and long fast flicks. It's one of the best parts of the rubber.
Push: not the best, sometimes the ball fly off the table.
Block: incredible simple.
Drive: good, easy to counter the opponent's fast loops.
Loop: with open racket angle you can loop the heaviest backspins with forehand. The backhand loop is good and easy to place, but sometimes I feel a lack of power.
Chop: it's absolutely not a chopping rubber.
Now it's my backhand rubber and I'm satiesfied. Mine is 2.0. I can recommand it for players, who have a more active forehand and doesn't like the feel of the Tenergy. Vega Pro have a softer feel and I think a lot more control. It's subjective but I like it. My only problem is, that it hasn't the great power of Tenergy. The Xiom is a very good and reliable company. There is any idea for a rubber like Vega Pro, only morer powerful?