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I have used this rubber for most of my time playing and have had nothing but good times with it. I'm going to be quite honest, when I started using this rubber it was more because I was a fanboy of the Chinese players ???? But I wouldn't recommend getting this rubber just for that reason as the actual rubber the CNT gets is basically a completely different rubber. Anyways, I use this on my forehand and I love kind of everything about this rubber. First off, for serves its great as it's fairly tacky and has good control which for me makes it better then tenergy like rubbers. Second, for actual hitting it's great. The only thing about this rubber, is its not very good at smashing/flat hits especially with the plastic ball. Every ball you hit needs to have decent quality (by that I mean, this rubber isn't good if you try to just swing your arm at every ball, it's need a little bit of spin). I think this rubber is especially great to learn off by beginners and veterans, so if you're looking for an inexpensive replacement to your rubber, you should consider giving this a try!