Yasaka Rigan

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I like the quality of the rubber and felt it was very controllable. It is listed by Yasaka as having built in effect (their way of saying tensioned or tensor rubber), and I think it is a lot like a "tensioned Mark V" and for that reason a good step up from Mark V for intermediate players. But so too are rubbers like Mark V HPS or Valmo, both of which are also listed by Yasaka as having a built in effect. I play both of these and both of these are faster than Rigan, with Valmo being clearly the spinnier, and hardest to control. So I guess I would say that Rigan stands out because it offers more but not at the sake of control. I tested it on the backhand side of a Ma Lin Carbon bat with Rakza X soft on the forehand. It replaced the Mark V that was on there and so I am confident of Rigan offering more - but it is not shockingly obvious. In summary - Rigan is a "tensioned Mark V" that doesn't lose its control just for the sake of speed and spin, but does offer gains in both.