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  • Hi yogi I'm a fan of your reviews. Can you give me some tips about cheap boosters for h3 neo I'm interested in a alternative way like baby oil or paraffin but I don't know what can be a good booster replacement
    For Rubbers

    1. Stick to same Rhyzer 48 and 43
    2. Stiga DNA pro M
    3. Razka 7
    4. Rozena
    5. Tenergy 05fx

    My son has Rozena on all wood blade and it’s very consistent and a blocking machine.

    I would say he needs something with control. He previously used Rhyzer 48 both sides and I told him try the 43 for more control and it helped him so I would say something like that.

    Questions are how do the others compare to Rhyzer 48 and 43 that he had before so then I can give him accurate advice.

    Cheers buddy
    He asked for my advice on equipment. I use Apolonia with Dignics 09c and 80 but won’t recommend that as I know it will not suit him. I would recommend something close to what he had but I don’t want to give him wrong advice so if I may list some suggestions below and you give me feedback.


    1. Victus zx gear IN or Victus gear fibre
    2. Butterfly IFL ALC
    3. Stick to same as before Joola Fever

    I’m guessing as fever was composite he may want another composite I haven’t actually asked.
    Hi yogi

    Rather than opening up old threads I tho I ask u directly. A team mate contacted me for advice and has had all his equipment stolen and is looking to replace but I think he’s looking for something different. It makes me think that he’s not had it stolen but is embarrassed to say he’s a EQJ and wants to try something else lol... anyway..,
    He previously had joola fever blade with rhyzer 48 on fh and Rhyzer 43 on Bh. However at one stage I did advice him to try something bit slower on fh for control but he didn’t really listen.
    yogi you have a lot of yinhe T1S blades right? Can you tell me what the code is to verify if it is authentic or false on the yinhe website
    Hey Yogi, not sure if you still remember but when you reviewed Azalea blade, do you recall how the surface of the blade was like? Is it similar to the usual Stiga wood blade for which lacquering is recommended? Or do you think the surface is already treated from the factory and there is no need to lacquering? Might be ordering one from TT11 and not sure if I should ask for lacquering service or not.
    I've also wanted to try a Chinese rubber once but never did it coz I'm quite weak at my forehand basics. In the start I was good with Omega V Asia on my forehand but now I want a rubber like can say Dignics 05 but I can't afford it as it's way too expensive and I can't keep buying it everytime as we don't get genuine equipment here in India. Suggest me a rubber which should somewhat work like Dignics 05. Or suggest me where I can get this rubber only at a feasible/affordable/economical price.
    I want to buy a Viscaria or Long 5, Butterfly Free Chack Pro or any good glue, Butterfly Hard Case, 2pcs of Red Backhand Rubbers, and 2pcs of Black Forehand Rubbers.
    Basically, I want to change my forehand rubber because I have a some problem in my forehand action and this time there's a little disturbance with it. I'm working upon it and soon I'll be perfect at it I know coz I'm working hard to form a particular action. And please suggest me ways to master one proper forehand action. I really need to work hard! I'm satisfied with my backhand. I have great backhand strokes and a good weel too. I have no problem in my backhand. I just need to be a little consistent coz the only reason I lose is always my rash/negative points.
    I want to overcome this.
    So, this was the reason I've been so confused with my new setup.
    Actually, I want to opt a dominant, aggressive, attacking and offensive + playing style. So I want to have a good forehand too. I don't want slow or normal spinney topspin like Timo, but hard hits like Ma Long or Zhang Jike's playing style.
    Hey Yogi, can you please explain me for the suggestion you made for the rubber selection I need to do. Your suggestions seem to be practical and good for me. Thanks!

    My Current Setup - Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC, Xiom Omega V Asia Max (forehand) and Yasaka Rakza 7 Max (backhand).

    Blade - Butterfly Viscaria / Hurricane Long 5?

    Forehand rubber - Tibhar Evolution MX-P 50°, DHS Goldarc 8 50°, Andro Rasanter R47, Xiom Omega VII. Or any other?
    But, leaving all, I would love to go for Dignics 05 (but it's way too costly) can I get it from somewhere at a feasible/economical/affordable price?

    Backhand, I'm happy with Yasaka Rakza 7.
    And yes, for once, can you compare Rakza 7 and Rasanter R47 for backhand? Which is beteer?
    So here are my list of questions:
    1. Is having a flare handle and as a result having the ability to squeeze more firmly than anatomic, more desirable and helpful with striking the ball more effectively?
    2. Would you recommend that I apply faster & harder rubber to Challenge Light, rather than going up to Challenge Force?
    3. Is the Synchro an actual legitimate blade that can be used by players wanting to get serious, or is it more for recreation?
    4. If I can only find an Anatomic or Straight handle, is there a way to make it a Flare handle?

    Thank you for your time
    What's more is that I got to hold my friend's Timo Boll Spirit Flare, and the handle was rather comfortable. I think it was comfortable because the "neck" was narrower than my Timo Boll All Flare. And I'm not sure if this is desirable but because the Flare handle is narrower than Anatomic, it felt like I could squeeze/grip firmer (kind of like shaking hand with big hands vs small hands) which felt good to be able to squeeze more firmly.

    What I really like about the Challenge Light is the "feeling/softness/Vibration" and it's lower weight
    I also got the Adidas V1.1 and found it too "hard" - too "pingy" and somewhat heavy

    And then I noticed that Adidas had Synchro Unity/Plus.
    They are rated by Adidas as even more vibration. Also they are even lighter than Challenge Light.

    I'm also considering Challenge Force because I'm told by experienced players that Challenge Light may be too slow for me now.
    I can only find "Anatomic" or "Straight" version of Challenge Force.
    ?And this is when I discovered Adidas. First off I like the company Adidas and was surprised theywere involved with table tennis, but the added benefit is that their equipmentare on sale because Adidas has left the market. The fact that their equipment areon sale intrigue me because it means that I can purchase and try more thingsfor a set amount of money.

    However, it doesn'tmean that this is an inexpensive process - I do find that I'm spending way toomuch.
    And the reason isbecause of my curiosity - "is this or that blade or rubber better forme?" continues to haunt me

    I did buy the AdidasChallenge Light Anatomic - and I like it.
    I bought theAnatomic in response to the poor feeling with Timo Boll All Flare handle.
    However, I'm notaware of anyone using Anatomic handle
    Hi Yogi_bear,

    I have some questions about equipment that I think you may be the only person who can help me with as you've seem to be the only person who tested the equipment I'm interested in. And so I hope you can lend me a hand. (This message will be split into 4 parts because I'm limited to 1000 character lengths)

    I'm new to table tennis equipment. I think my level is about beginner-intermediate. ie. I'm developing fairly quickly over past 2 months.

    Because I'm new to equipment and don't know what I wanted, the local racket shop sold me multiple expensive carbon pre-made rackets.
    I've since discovered that those rackets are probably not suitable for my level and development.

    And so I bought a Timo Boll All blade flare. However, the handle didn't feel good. It felt too wide around the "neck" of handle and so I felt like my hand was gripping hard to prevent the racket from slipping out. I tried to sand the "wings", but it still doesn't feel secure.

    To be continued
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