1. European Youth Top 10 Final - Amazing Match!

    Guys! I just watched the European Youth Top 10 final Its an incredible match between Felix Lebrun vs Iulian Chirita!! Note: Felix is only 14 years old and using pen hold grip!

    Last week, I ordered a new bat from a company,blade Calderano HAL and OMEGA 7 Tour covers.Blade weighs 86.7g and is very controllable.It's definitely better than my old Blaxx Off blade.My teammate has a Calderano Sal model, and he said he's better at playing with mine.For €127...
  3. Timo Boll vs Fan Zhendong | Amazing Match | Austrian Open 2019

    One of the best matches we've seen in a long time! Timo Boll vs Fan Zhendong in today's semi final at the Austrian Open!
  4. Amazing 13 Years Old Kid

    Amazing 13 Years Old Kid :eek::eek::eek:
  5. Amazing Points and Interesting Fan Made Videos

    Hello friends:D i will present you Amazing Points and Interesting Fan Made Videos:D
  6. FS: AMAZING Condition Black Tag Butterfly Defence II Blade - ST Handle

    Hi guys, I have for sale my Black Tag Butterfly Defence II ST Table Tennis Blade! It is in amazing condition as it has been completely refurbished to the highest quality! The blade is like new! It also comes with it's original box! Please follow the link below:-...
  7. Amazing Table Tennis Point: Where is the ball?

    A very funny point played at a national championship in Chile :D
  8. Amazing Block of Soumyajit Ghosh (IND) | Chile Open 2017

  9. Amazing Animation on Ping pong

    Saw this on facebook , thought of sharing with the group ... <iframe src="" width="560" height="420" style="border:none;overflow:hidden"...
  10. My amazing weekend in Germany with Ruwen Filus & Thomas Keinath!

    Now back home after a great weekend with my best mates at the Table Tennis camp run by Thomas Keinath and Ruwen Filus. It was great to receive coaching from two of the best players in the world and it was a lot of fun! Thomas gave me drills to do that Wang Xi does on a daily basis - Wang is...
  11. Amazing trickshots from the wttc!!!!

    was looking round on youtube and found this AMAZING video WOW.
  12. Is it the best paralympic point of the year 2017?

    Chilean Paralympic Games 2017: Amazing point of Luis Alarcón (Pitrufquen team) against Claudio Bahamondes (Coquimbo Team).
  13. Amazing under leg shot by Jakub Dyjas

    What a way to end the year with this brilliant shot by Jakub Dyjas in the Champions League!
  14. Chris Doran - amazing round the net shot

    This is how it's done - watch the point at 6:40 in the video below.
  15. Amazing Shot in Chile National Championship

    Players of the videos: Felipe Olivares (Mainz 05, 3. Bundesliga, Germany) and Alfonso Olave.
  16. Samsonov's amazing overview of the table Never seen Ma Long outfoxed like this :)
  17. Amazing Around The Net Roller by Hou Yingchao!

    Watch this absolutely stunning around the net roller by Hou Yingchao! It's not often we see one of these, completely un-returnable! Watch the slow mo at the end to really see how great this shot is! Have you ever hit one of these?
  18. While the EJs are up, what rubber is this? SO AMAZING

    My friend's, used on Yasaka Extra Offensive, cost is < 10 USD... HOLY MOLY, feels like Bluefire JP (the spin one, i forget what number is the spin 03 i guess?) NO JOKE THIS IS VERY GOOD.
  19. Amazing games

    didnt know where to post this one looking for some matches that counts as spactacular, brilliant, breathtaking and.. well you know what i mean so what do you have in mind? (haha its hard to choose an all chinese best matches because they are all just phenomenal!!)
  20. Amazing Serves

    hi guys! So my topic today is all about !sevice! we all know the sevice specialists on the planet like Ma Long, Zhang Jike and and even legends like Waldner. So my question is, what is the best service you have ever witnessed? and if you have it on a youtube vid so everyone can see it? also on...