1. North American Championships 2018

    Hey guys, I'm at the North American Championships this week with JOOLA if anyones around for a hang out! Should be a great event, ill be covering some behind the scenes action, stay tuned!
  2. What happened to American Hinoki?

    Hello guys About a month ago I was searching about single ply hinoki blades and I found some people talking good things about American Hinoki. But its website isn't working at least since middle december (first time that I tried to access). Anyone knows if Kevin is still making blades? I'm...
  3. Tournament for Average American in: UK, France, Germany, Austria? During Holiday

    I'd like to plan a Holiday in one of these countries: UK, France, Germany, Austria. During the summer (June, July, August). I'd like to play in a low-level tournament. My question is how to find out if there are average tournaments open to an average American ( is not...
  4. Video: Allen Wang - North American Championships

  5. North American Olympic Trials 4/20-22/12

    Stay tuned for the livestream link hosted by NBC Universal to watch the North American Olympic Trials. The tournament is being set up as we speak and hundreds of people will be coming out to the venue from all across North America. I'm really excited because I'll be heading down to help set up...