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  • Hi Dan
    Could you make liu shiwen blade , viscaria and zjk blade compare review ?
    best would be on dignics 09c and bh tenergy 05 like i play
    Hi Dan
    Just quick question I’m a subscriber of the coach corner on TRD but thought I would ask a private question here if ok.
    I’m using Dignics 80 on both sides. How does the new Dignics 09c compare? I know in the lockdown mode you haven’t fully tested 09C properly but when you do a comparison to the other Dignics would be great.

    Secondly and probably my main question, my rubbers are on the apolonia ZLC but it feels hard. I have used 2 other colleagues apolonia and both play softer than mine. Would it be a gluing thing?
    Would taking rubbers off and regluing give a softer feel?

    Many Thanks

    Hi Dan :) I just want to ask if you're the one who's making videos, reviews in youtube(tabletennisdaily channel). I just want to know the reviews of Victas Koki Niwa New, and what rubbers should I put with it. I'm asking also to Recommend me a blade that's good to my playing style.
    Hi dan. I was just reading Ma Long the never ending book and I could only find the chapter. You made that in 2011 and I was just wondering if you could make more. Thanks Jacks.
    Hey Dan. Is there a way to get DHS to customize a blade for me? Have you ever come across someone with any information or experience with that?
    Hey dan. I was just wondering what is the status with the whole Chen Chen Hurricane thing and when the whole thing might be resolved?

    Hi Dan,

    Did you get my previous messages about the Liam Pitchford signed blade? You haven't responded to them. Thanks!
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