1. Fang Bo destroys towel box in Chinese Super League Match

    Former World Number 8, Fang Bo, has apologised for his actions in his loss to Zhao Zhaoyan whilst competing for his club Tianjin Quanjian in the Chinese Super League on New Year’s Eve. After a dispute with the umpire over a let service, Fang violently kicked the towel box situated next to...
  2. FS: New, in box - Andro Ligna FR OFF Blade 90g

    Andro Ligna FR OFF Blade for sale. New in box. Approximately 90g in weight. Lovely blade. Given to me as a gift but doesn't suit my style of play. In depth review on this blade in the equipment reviews section of this website made by Dan. £90 ONO
  3. FS: Viscaria in box. 87-88 grams.

    Hello, I got a viscaria that has never been used. Weight: 87-88 grams. Flared. I´ve read that paypal is the easiest way to handle this kind of "business" so if you don´t have another idea we will go with that. I will send it from sweden. I prefer EU only. You pay for shipping,so price is...
  4. box size

    hi, does anybody know the measures of a butterfly blade box? length, height, width...
  5. Butterfly Keyshot Brand New in Box Collectors Item

    I have a Brand New Keyshot Blade listed on ebay for you to bid on. You can access it @
  6. FS:Stiga Ehrlich mint in box

    I have a Stiga Ehrlich in mint condition in box.I have listed on
  7. Stiga Ehrlich in Box

    Hi everybody I received a Stiga Erhlich in pristine condition that is still in the box that it was sold.The Box has a picture of Alex Ehrlich and a list of his career achievements.How much would this be worth?And is it worth more than other listings on e-bay because of the box.Would e-bay be the...