1. [LHTT #40_Match in Korea] Against HJ (Korean Boy)
  2. [LHTT #8_Match in China] Against DouDou (CHN Boy)
  3. Miu hirano 's ideal boy friend

    Japan's 17 year old teenegar Miu hirano is the winner of asian championship 2017 after beating 3 chinese in a row which made history in japan's table tennis . according to japanese media reports , after coming back from dusseldorf miu hirano has attended the entertainment program directly...
  4. Ball Boy (Fang Bo) Vs Champ (Zhang Jike) WTTC 2015

    And this happens
  5. Angry Kid Pushes Umpire Off His Chair!

    New viral video is circulating around the internet of a table tennis player pushing an umpire off his chair. The video has now reached over a quarter of a million views. This footage is from a tournament in Russia between Vladislav Starodumov and Dimitry Melnichenko in the cadet singles final...
  6. OMG !! RSM has a new baby boy !!

    Just in on Facebook. RSM family now is +1. Baby "Dae Bak" (Big Boy in Korean?) (Literally means BIG FRUIT, like in pear) born and RSM's Facebook post made was from Yongin just south of Seoul. Korean text and short jist below. 우리대박이가태어났어요!너무고생한우리윤희너무고맙고 앞으로더책임감갖고열심히살겠습니다!감사합니다! Our Dae-Bak is...