1. Yoo Nam Gyu and Seo Hyo Won doubles Exhibition Match vs Busan TTers

    Hi All, Some top level goofing off with Yoo Nam Gyu being the joker here. Yoo Nam Gyu asks for, and is granted a YELLOW CARD on himself for goofing off. Enjoy.
  2. any places to play table tennis in busan

    Hi Everyone ill be going to Busan this weekend and i was hoping if anyone knows any table tennis spots where i can play. and if you know any table tennis shops there as well(Online or store) please comment below Greatly Appreciated. :)
  3. Ma Long & Fan Zhendong Training May 2014

    Hi Everyone, We have just found recent footage of Ma Long, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin training in the practice hall in Busan. Youtuber @Tagumon.com has kindly shared these videos for us! Ma Long and Fan Zhendong Training - Busan (Part.1) Ma Long and Fan Zhendong Training - Busan (Part.2) Ma...